Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Xmas

It's beginning to look, smell and sound like Christmas everywhere!  There are Christmas lights on all the neighbors houses, the house smells like Christmas tree and Christmas music is playing on every radio station (okay, ALMOST every radio station).  So, what better time for me and 'the boies' to promote our new Xmas album and our new single release, "It's Beginning 2 Look a Lot like Xmas"...right?!?

So, here is our new album:

And our new single, "It's Beginning 2 Look a Lot like Xmas"...hit it, Boies!

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas
Ev'rywhere you go;
Sniff the treats in the stocking, gently or it goes a’rocking
With biscuits, chews and a few bones by Dingo.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Toys in the pet store,
But the pawesomest sight to see, are the gifts that will be
Under the tree on the floor.

A squirrel to stalk and a new leash for a walk
Is the hope of Baxter and Bridie;
Two pairs of paw boots and a stuffie that toots
Is the wish of Finn and Farley;
And Mom and Dad completely believe with the cat we are in cahoots.

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas
Ev'rywhere you go;
The music and carols are quite swell, the crinkle of wrapping is as well,
But don’t get caught unwrapping before Christmas though.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas;
Let the merriment start,
We will bark and howl and sing and to our humans we will bring
The love that’s in our heart.

   ---New lyrics by Oscar De Wilde
        (Original lyrics by Meredith Wilson)


  1. Da BOIES are brilliant! I do want a stuffie dat toots!!


  2. We knew it, Farley! Wez asked Santa Paws for one just for yoooooooo!

  3. Sing it BOIESSSSSZZZZ!!!!

  4. Woo, Maggie! Wez be singin it for ya!!!

  5. Very clever, and sure to be a hit! We've signed on to follow and would love it if you did the same over at Critter Alley.


  6. Hi Pat! Thanx for visiting and following! I went over to Critter Alley and followed as well. Nice to meet a new pal!
    xxx Oz

  7. Wonderful lyrics... I just came over cuz you were mentioned by Anipal Times as great blog. Glad I did. I hope you like cats.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Max: I have many feline furiends! *gives a head butt* Thanx for stopping by...keep comin' 'round! I will try my best to keep you entertained!
    xxx Oz

  9. Pawsome lyrics Oscar! I been woofing it to Ma all day! Da Pet Shoppe Boies are definitely my Number 1. Loves one of the original Westie Girls! AnnieB X

  10. Miss Annie...I was getting worried because you hadn't dropped by! You are usually first to comment!

    Iz glad you like the song! We know why Da Pet Shoppe Boies are your Number 1...Ollie, maybe?!? Even though you been flirting with Rebus a little lately too. BOL

    Glad you left a pawprint!
    xxx Oz

  11. That's bound to be a number 1 in the iChews chart & your American Billbone! Brilliant lyrics. I'll be humming the tune tomorrow to wake Owner up (hope she doesn't think I've got tummy ache though!).

  12. OMD! You thinx we will make it to number 1 on iChews and American Billbone, Millie?!? Really?!? Oh, I duz be so excited about that!

    You sing it all you want...tough toodles on da humans!
    xxx Oz

  13. You are a most clever dog Oz. That's a cool song you got there.


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