Friday, December 10, 2010

Dogs are like Christmas

A Christmas Eve when I was young
I slept by the fire where the stockings were hung
Then along came Santa down the flue
In a whisper he said, “I have a secret for you.”

Dogs are like Christmas every day of the year
Bringing joy to their loved ones, always being sincere
Quickly back up the flue and onto his sleigh
“On Dasher, on Dancer…” Santa was gone and away.

I sat and I pondered what the jolly man said
While symbols of Christmas danced in my head
At last I saw it from Santa’s point of view
Dogs ARE symbols of Christmas all the year through!

Like the shining star ever so bright
That faithfully guided on the cold winter’s night
A dog will lead you through life’s bad and life’s good
As any devoted companion should.

Like the bell that chimes for the sheep as they roam
Helping the shepherd call his flock home
A dog’s love and trust you will immediately earn
And to your side, he will always return.

Like the candle, a beacon in the dark
A dog will inspire or warn with a bark
And like the wreath, a symbol that love has no end
A dog will always remain man’s best friend.


  1. Santa is a wise man, and you are a wise dog!

  2. Thanx Millie...but all of us dogs are wise!

  3. Another lovely poem, Oz!! :)


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