Friday, December 17, 2010

Blog Hop! Holidays Around My House

I am such a lucky dog to have so many friends - here in Florida, all around the country and even around the world!  We are all excited about the holidays; we have been chatting and tweeting about how good we've been, what our tree and decorations look like, what we asked Santa Paws to bring us, whether it is snowing by our houses, what the temperature is...and it got me thinking.

What do decorations look like covered in snow?  I don't know because in Florida, we don't get snow.  I bet some pals wonder how we decorate palm trees and make it look like Christmas!  So, I decided I would take pictures while I was on my walk last night to show everyone what Christmas looks like in Florida.  Even better, I thought if I made my post a Blog Hop!, then I could see what Christmas looks like in Canada, the U.K., New Zealand, and many of the United States!

So please, join the Holidays Around My House Blog Hop! and share your holidays with the world!  Here are my photos:

Dean's house, our next-door neighbor

You only put lights on the palm tree's trunk!

You can't tell, but the animals move their heads

A snowman among the palm trees

My Xmas stocking; no fireplace to hang from so it is on the pass-through

My poor, misshapen Xmas tree all decorated!


  1. We are right there with you. Our Christmas here in florida dont feel like christmas...Theres supposed to be snow. But with all of the christmas lights and decorations it kinda helps put us in the mood =) We hope that you have a great christmas.

  2. What a great idea!!

    It's summer here, and there isn't a lot of decorating that we've seen where we live. Rumblemum was so tickled to see that they have really summer-y decorations like sandals for the xmas trees!

    She says she'll keep an eye open for decorations to send in...

  3. Oh, d'Artagnan...thanks so much for visiting my bloggie. Please keep your eyeses open for decorations near your house...then you can join in da bloggie hop!
    xxx Oz

  4. I joined your hop, Oscar! Thanks for the invite. *hugs*

  5. No Buttons, thank YOU! I was so glad to see your bootiful tree...with what looks to be a peppermint candy on top!
    xxx Oz

  6. Your Christmas in Florida looks like Christmas how it usually looks in L.A. but it's been raining like crazy here. Tough for me and my Mom. She walks me in the rain. She got the lights up during a light drizzle. Dad took me outside. He says we usually have moving reindeer and a snow man, but Mom waited too long and now it's too wet to do anything but plug in the icicles on the house. Come see my blog and you'll see my tree and the indignity of my holiday antlers.

    Happy Blog Hop!

    Your Pal Opie

    A Snorkie from L.A.

  7. Oh, Opie...howliday antlers, really?!? The humans can be so cruel. BOL It had been raining a lot here too; we don't have any decorations up outside on our house. I had to take pictures of all the neighbor's decorations!

    I hope Santa Paws can still find me!


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