Monday, December 6, 2010

Waiting for Santa Paws

The weather here in South Florida is getting cooler (Ma would say colder)…today is only 60F! This cool weather reminded me that I haven’t checked in on Santa Paws and all his elves up at the North Pole to see how busy they are getting all our presents ready for Christmas.
I know many anipals have already sent a letter to Santa Paws, telling him how good they have been all year (and they have been very good!), promising they will continue to be good and asking for special toys and treats for Christmas. But have you all been sneaking a peek of what is busily going on up at the North Pole? If not, you should check because you may just see elves working on treats and toys that may come your way on Christmas!
Our good friends at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) have once again set up spy cameras around Santa’s Village at the North Pole, allowing all of us to see just what is going on up there (like if they are working on @farthewestie’s bike basket)! I checked today and the elves seem pretty busy! I do hope they are working on all my friends’ treats and toys. If you want to see what’s happening for yourself, you can by visiting the NORAD Santa Tracking Center – click HERE.
Oh, and don’t forget that on Christmas Eve, NORAD tracks Santa Paws as he flies in his sleigh all over the world! You can watch to see when he is almost at your house…just remember to give yourself time to fall asleep before he gets there. I wouldn’t want any of my pals to miss out on getting their deserved treats and toys! You can track Santa Paws on Christmas Eve by clicking HERE.
This is NORAD tracking Santa Paws last year. Maybe you can see him fly by your house!

Well, I better get started on my letter to Santa Paws…I think I have been a good boy this year so I hope to get toys and treats too!


  1. Oh, yes! Can't wait for santa paws. I check out what he doing right now. HOpefully da elves working on gaint squeaker for us. We lub dos things.

  2. I did see da elves working real hard yesterday, but couldn't see WHOT they was working on. I do hope it's some squeakers...we all do luv them so much!

  3. I can't believe it is only two weeks until Christmas Eve! I hope we have been good girls here (Westie Smiles). We shall have to hang an extra stocking out this year for Maisie and shall be checking in on Santa's progress thanks to NORAD in dis house too! Ma always tells me not to bark when I hear the sound of sleigh bells landing on the garage roof. I shall have to make sure Maisie duzn't bark this year too! BOL! Shhhhhhh Thank You for writing such a luffly bloggie. Love your furiend AnnieB X

  4. Thanks for the inside info Oscar. I'm sure I saw an elf hurrying into the workshop with a Frisbee shaped mould - paws crossed it will head it's way to my toy box! Must remember to tell Owner not to light the fire on Christmas Eve!

  5. Oh, Miss have been wonderful Westie girl all da year - you've been good friend to me and all da anipals on Twitter AND you've been an excellent Westie wife to Ollie - so I am sure Santa Paws will bring you lots of goodies!

    Millie: If it's true you saw a Frisbee shaped mold, I am keepin my paws crossed for one too! Those things are fun to chase!

    No lightin' the fireplace on Christmas Eve, dat's for sure!


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