Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Treats in the Pantry?!

After my biggie walk this morning, I was going to get my usual treat out of the pantry when lo and behold, I figured out that someone left me an EMPTY dog cracker box!  This is unacceptable!

I know that it wasn't Mom who left the empty (EMPTY!) box in the pantry since she was out last evening but she is the one who does the shopping and she obviously had slacked off.  So, I began my ritual of reminding her that I needed crackers.

That's me in front of the pantry, providing a subtle hint that 1) I wanted my morning cracker and 2) that someone needed to go BUY me some crackers! 

This hinting position is also helpful in getting treats any time of day, especially when the pantry door is completely closed.  I just lay in front of the pantry door until someone realizes that I am missing and when they go searching for me - BAM - I am there giving them a hint (the look on my face so innocent when inside I am barking "Cracker")!

Unfortunately, Mom had many interruptions today - phone calls, emails, work to do, etc - that she didn't run off to the Dog Cracker Store down the road until HOURS later.  By then, I knew I had to up the ante or I would never get a cracker.

This is my "please...cracker...so weak...I...am...starving" position.  This really gives the people a guilt trip and at this point, when they are feeling really bad, you could get some bacon or jerky instead of a dumb old cracker!  This position also can be easily moved to in front of the refridgerator, your bowl or even the stove (if something really good is cooking in there)!

So, for those young pups out there - practice makes purrfect (as the cats say) so keep trying until this type of hinting works!  Does anyone else have a good treat hinting strategy they would like to share?!


  1. I hope you got your cracker and some extra ones for having to wait so long!

  2. Thanks! I did and I even got an extra one! Love the guilt!

  3. Superb work my chum. I gonna try it at ome

  4. Marley: it works every time! You have to try it!


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