Friday, August 20, 2010

For Annie and Ollie's Online Wedding

Annie and Ollie
A Wedding Poem

Annie and Ollie, a blessed canine pair
true love they found, ever so rare.
Ollie, a dog made of real terrier grit
asked for her paw while in a full “Sit!”
Annie, elated, howled her “I do”
and gave of her dowry, a stinky old shoe.
Soon they will live in marital bliss
exchanging their vows and a warm, sloppy kiss.
We wish them the best, our Annie and Ollie
for a prosperous life that is romantic and jolly.


  1. Thats the bestest poem I ever did read my pal. Woof

  2. Thanks, Marley! I just hope the married couple liked it too!

  3. Oz..... I just found ya blog.....ya are the sweetest thing! Ya have such a beautiful way wiv words... We do thank you from da bottom of our hearts for dat poem! Love Annie on behalf of Ollie who might be snoozing... BOL!

  4. Annie, I am so glad you and Ollie like the poem but especially you, since every beautiful girl deserves some beautiful words on her wedding day! (Though Ollie's vows were quite impressive!)

  5. "Annie and Ollie" wedding poem is so beautiful.
    Thanks for share.
    wedding poems


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