Monday, June 13, 2016

#DIY Pet Memorial Gift with Pet Perennials

With yesterday being World Pet Memorial Day, Ma and I set out to make our first DIY pet memorial gift with Pet Perennials. We decided to make it for our friends who recently lost their dog McKinley.

Oz Pet Perennials Pet Memorial Kit

What are Pet Perennials?
Pet Perennials are home crafting and gardening products that combine a nutrient-rich planting matrix, wildflower seeds and a small portion of a pet’s cremated remains (though they can be omitted) to create living celebrations of beloved pets. The package includes the planting matrix, the seeds, a small rolling pin, several cute pet-shaped cutters and instructions on how to mix and plant your Pet Perennials.

Pet Perennials Pet Memorial crafting kit

Pet Perennials are simple to create and easy to grow; you do not have to have a green thumb to get the seeds to germinate. You can plant them outside around your house or in your garden and you can even grow them inside in flower pots or window boxes. The video below shows just how easy it is to mix and create your Pet Perennials seed wafers.

Since our DIY project was not to create and plant the flowers we have a photo from Global Pet Expo of what the wildflowers look like as they grow.

Stages of wildflower growth Pet Perennials DIY crafting memorial kit

Our DIY Pet Memorial Gift with Pet Perennials
For our friends, losing McKinley was a shock because he became ill one day and died the next. It was very sudden. We knew we were going to give them the Pet Perennials but we wanted them to choose when they wanted to plant the seeds – whether they chose to commemorate his birthday, his adoption day or his passing. So we came up with our simple, easy project.

Oz DIY Pet Memorial Gift with Pet Perennials kit

Thanks to McKinley’s daddy-dog, we received McKinley’s collar for our project. If we hadn’t, we were going to buy a new collar and name tag to make our gift special. No matter if you are creating this memorial for your dog or a friend’s, you can choose to use the actual collar or a new one. You will also need a glue gun or super glue, some brown packing paper and basket grass (like for Easter) to stuff the pot for display purposes, a package of Pet Perennials, and stickers, paint or other decorations for the rim of the pot.

1. Adjust the dog collar with name tag to fit just underneath the rim of the terra cotta flower pot.

2. Turn the flower pot upside down for ease of working.

3. Place dollops of glue around the pot just under the rim to hold the collar and tag in place.

4. Secure the collar around the pot, over the glue, just under the rim and let set.

5. Turn pot upright and decorate the rim with stickers, painted designs, etc. and let dry.

6. Crumple the brown paper and set it in pot to provide a stage for the products.

7. Put Pet Perennials package, a card and whatever else you would like in the pot and Woof! You are done.

Oz Pet Memorial Gift DIY project with Pet Perennials kit

The completed project is a simple way to give someone Pet Perennials that you can personalize as much or as little as you choose. Pet Perennials DIY kit makes approximately 12 seed wafers so there will be plenty of options for planting including the memorial flower pot, around the house and in the garden.

Pet Perennials create new life from the love of a pet. Love, Seeds, Life. 
A beautiful way to honor the memory of a beloved companion.


  1. that is a wonderful idea.... and I hope so much that it helps a little to look at the flowers and to remember the bestest friend...

  2. That is such a touching way to remember a lost loved one. We're sure that McKinley's family will really appreciate such a thoughtful gift!

  3. When our Benny boy died we received some wild flowers for him. Great idea
    Lily & Edward

  4. What a lovely memorial gift idea. Love it!

  5. that is a sweet idea and what a great gift

  6. That is such a thoughtful gift, OZ. I'm sure that your friends will be very moved by your kindness. ♥

  7. That is a very neat idea. Great gift idea for someone who has lost a pet.

  8. What a wonderful idea and you put together a very thoughtful gift for your friends
    Mr bailey, hazel & mabel

  9. I can just imagine how wonderful it would feel to receive such a thoughtful gift after the passing of a pet. We have had people give us plants and such, and somehow creating the new life of plants is such a comfort when mourning a loss.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. this is wonderful!

  11. I really love this!! I am always looking for ideas like this to help remember our precious ones at the Rainbow Bridge! Thank-you for this most special idea and a gift that I know will be loved and treasured!

  12. What a lovely way to remember a special friend!

  13. This is such a lovely way to create a memorial for a pet! I love it!

  14. This is such a nice idea!

    Monty and Harlow

  15. What a super memorial gift.


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