About Oz

I am the 'great and powerful' Oz the Terrier and I "know why you have come".

I am a Cairn Terrier (mix) who was saved from living life in a puppy mill.  I consider myself very fortunate to now live the good life in sunny South Florida with my Ma and Daddy-dog.

Though South Florida can be hot for most of the year, I love being outdoors.  You can find me "hunting" small critters in the yard (like lizards and rabbits), lounging by the pool (but I will not swim), biking on some great Florida trails (I have my own bike trailer) as well as camping and hiking in local and State parks throughout Florida.

Built Terrier-tough on the outside, I sometimes show my soft, artsy inside.  I love to write poetry and yes - it is from my point of view.  I also like to use my writing to help other dogs and cats in need to find loving, forever homes.  But watch out because I can be a stinker too...and you may just find yourself reading an Oz the Terrier original, dirty limerick right here on my blog.

So whipper-snappers, welcome to my blog.  I hope you will enjoy your time here and consider joining my pack so we can have great adventures together.

Don't feel like leaving a pawprint on my blog?  You can also reach me via EMAIL HERE.