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Kick It Up a Notch with #StellaandChewys Meal Mixers

You may remember a while back I did a series of posts on freeze dried raw pet food.  In those posts I talked about how, even if you eat kibble, adding some raw into your diet can improve your digestion, give you more energy as well as strengthen your immune system.  That's why I am so excited to be telling you about a new way to add raw to your diet - Stella andChewy's® Meal Mixers.

Oz the Terrier says Kick Up your Kibble with Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers raw pet food

This post is sponsored by Stella and Chewy's and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network.  I am being compensated for helping to spread the word about Meal Mixers but Oz the Terrier only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  Stella and Chewy's is not responsible for the content of this article.

Unconditional Nutrition is as important as Unconditional Love
I am a big fan of Stella and Chewy's and not just because they offer one of my favorite meals, Absolutely Rabbit, in both frozen and freeze dried.  I am a fan because Stella and Chewy's believes that pets deserve the best food so they only select premium raw proteins and organic fruits and vegetables for all their products. 

Stella and Chewy's raw pet food - Unconditional Nutrition is as important as Unconditional Love

Stella and Chewy's believes dogs deserve to thrive on real, minimally-processed foods.  The closer a food stays to its natural state, the better it is.  That's why they use proteins with no added hormones or antibiotics and all their products are made without grains, gluten, fillers, artificial preservatives or colorings.

As an extra food safety measure, Stella and Chewy's uses a test and hold process.  Third party independent lab analysis is conducted on each batch of food before it leaves Stella and Chewy's Wisconsin-based manufacturing facility.  The results for EVERY batch is posted on the Stella and Chewy's website for consumers to see.

Kick Up Your Kibble
The new freeze dried Meal Mixers are an easy and convenient way to add raw to your diet.  Meal Mixers are packed with 95% nutrient-rich meat, organs and bone, complemented with organic fruits and vegetables with some added probiotics and antioxidants.

Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers raw pet food comes in four flavors

Meal Mixers are freeze dried to lock in nutrition and flavor and they come in four (4) protein options: Stella's Super Beef, Chewy's Chicken, Tantalizing Turkey and Savory Salmon & Cod.  Meal Mixers are ready to feed right out of the bag and each bag comes with its own scoop for easy measuring.

A Little Raw goes a Long Way
It is so easy to add Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers to your next meal.  Simply fill the scoop to the line (equal to ¼ cup), mix into your kibble and serve.  You don't even have to worry about figuring out how much to give; the package provides the recommended portion size based on a dog's weight.

Oz the Terrier show you how to add Stella and Chewy's raw pet food Meal Mixers to your dog's kibble

When adding raw pet food like Meal Mixers to your dog's diet, you may see:
  • improved appetite (from those great tasting, premium proteins);
  • relief from certain allergies (especially grain allergies or protein-specific allergies);
  • improved energy and stamina; and
  • healthier gums and teeth.

Complete and Balanced Meal
If you eat raw pet food like me, then you can eat Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers as a meal all unto itself.  You can rehydrate the Mixers by adding 2 tablespoons of warm water for every scoop of product.  The package shows meal portion sizes based on a dog's weight.

Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers can be fed alone as a meal as well as mixed with kibble

I taste tested the Meal Mixers as a full meal.  The portion is much smaller than normal because this meal was "elevenses" - or a treat meal.  Ma was not surprised that I ate it all up and went looking for more.  The Stella's Super Beef Meal Mixers  are just as fresh and delicious as Stella and Chewy's raw dinners for dogs.

To find out more about Stella and Chewy's and their line of raw pet food products you can browse their website at or visit them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  To find a Stella and Chewy's retailer near you, use the Store Locator.

Have you started adding raw to your diet yet?  
Will you try Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixers? 

Do you want to Kick your next meal Up a Notch?  Enter the Stella and Chewy's giveaway where 25 Winners will each receive a Stella & Chewy's product Assortment Valued at $75.  The Giveaway ends October 2nd.  Good luck!

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  1. Mmmmmm, those foodables look very tasty and I is sure I can smells it here, drool, drool
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. that is what we do a lot of the time - we actually have raw freeze dried kangaroo kibble and then add freeze dried meal mixers to it. We haven't seen the Stella and Chewys before but will have a look for it next time we are our and about

  3. Those chunks look yummy
    Lily & Edward

  4. They all sound yummy but we go especially crazy for Salmon. must be that fishy smell!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. OH Yummy!! We'd love to try the Beef!! Great review, OZ!!

  6. Well that food looks very very good!!! Thank you for offering to fancy up a shoe for our Macey, she wears a 2-3....her mom said normally she would wear a you see that it really makes her foot bigger. Hugs and thanks again....stella rose and momma

  7. Since I am not quite comfortable (yet) with adding butcher raw food to the boys meals, this makes it so easy to add raw to their dehydrated meals. We ♥ Stella & Chewy's

  8. The pups would love to try super beef, as they have poultry allergies! Happy birthday to OZ!!!

  9. Frankie and Benny would go nuts for the savory salmon and cod!!! What a great giveaway!

  10. looking and sounding very nummy, enjoy

  11. Probably the tantalizing turkey!!!

  12. We use these sometimes for our high value nose work rewards. Instead of eating a full dinner, we get part of it in freeze dried food while training.

  13. Oh wow, so col! And great giveaway too!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. Pandy loves the Beef meal mixer L)

  15. Thank you for sharing. Your information is useful and important to my pets. Make a wise choice with balanced meals.

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