Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 13 Posts of 2014

What a great year it has been here at Oz the Terrier!  My blog has grown in so many ways - I started writing about new topics (like dog health) and along the way I gathered new friends (Thank You for following me!).

It's because of YOU that some of my posts seemed to skyrocket past all the others.  These posts have lots of page views and lots of comments and I know I surely didn't read them that much!  

I chose the Top 13 Posts because as it turns out, some of my favorite posts to write were in this list!  And though some of you may think the number 13 is an unlucky numerology the essence of the number 13 contains the ideas of mental acuity, persistence, method, self-determinism and inspiration...all things I would like to bring to my blogging in the New Year!

So, here is my list in order from 13 (bottom) to my number 1 post (top):

Top 13 Posts of 2014

You know I love cruising around in my bike trailer and now my good friend Ranger, as the winner of my giveaway, can cruise around with his mom and auntie as well!

Oz the Terrier Top Posts of 2014 HoundAbout II Bike Trailer by Solvit Products

I have used, or currently use, a crate as my safe place, for transport and travel, and for injury/illness recovery.

As a Dog Scout, I am always prepared with food, water, bowls, leashes, blankets, etc.  OK, so I am not the lightest packer.

10.  Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Activity Toy (review & giveaway)
This was my very first activity toy and I received it after Ma met Ms. Ottosson at the Global Pet Expo.  My buddies, Reilly and Denny Cowspotdogs, were the winners of this great giveaway!

Oz the Terrier Top Posts of 2014 Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado activity toy

The first, but not the last, Dr. Oz the Terrier post to appear on this list...this post was part of the Hill's Science Diet campaign through BlogPaws.

Merrick Pet Care created this fun campaign for the Best Dog Ever and I created one of my first video's with music for this post.

I admitted I have a flea bite allergy as part of the Seresto campaign from BlogPaws.  "It only takes one flea bite to trigger an allergy!"

Stay Healthy, Stay Leashed, Stay Afloat, Stay Nourished and Hydrated, Stay Together and Stay Alert.  I am very proud to say this was the first post of mine to be reprinted on Sleepypod's blog!

Another post from the BlogPaws campaign for Seresto...I tried adding a little humor into a topic (fleas) that isn't so funny for us dogs.

Oz the Terrier Top Posts of 2014 Seresto Collar - flea humor

4.  Zuke's Fall Flavors (giveaway)
First, thank you to Zuke's for being my blog sponsor this past year.  You Fueled My Adventures of camping, hiking and biking!  For this Halloween giveaway, I dressed up in my Zombie Hunter hoodie (a gift from my good friend Pepper Pom).

Yep!  Another Dr. Oz the Terrier post from the Hill's Science Diet campaign.

Oz the Terrier Top Posts of 2014 Dr. Oz the Terrier

I'm thinking that Dr. Oz the Terrier was a bit popular in 2014...or is it just the topic of dog health?!?  In this post, we all agreed that visiting the vet, even though we don't particularly like it, is very important to our overall health. number 1 post...this makes me SO HAPPY as it is one of my poems
and it is for a dear friend of many of us:

I wrote this for Sugar when she was having surgery to remove a mass from her mouth.  Of course, she pulled through with GOLDEN strength which made me (us all) very happy.

Oz the Terrier Top Posts of 2014 Tanka Poem for Sugar the Golden retriever

There you have it.  My Top 13 Posts of 2014.  

What posts were your favorites?  
What types of posts do you want to see me write in the New Year?


  1. Congrats! Wishing you an even more successful year!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  2. Oz, I am sooooo glad to have found you as a furfriend and I luffs every one of your posts!!!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. I think we love your adventures the best - reviews and such are informational but so many doggies do the same reviews and once you read about a product once you tend not to read all the others on the same thing

  4. We love ALL your posts... butt we gotta admit that the one fur SUGAR was TOP of OUR LIST also... We have been furends with Sweet Sugar fur like 87 years... one of our FURST EVER Blogville Furends and we were scared POOPLESS when she had that surgery.. and SO relieved that all went WELL and stuffs.
    Furts and Turts

  5. Many thanks for this fabulous 13 posts, specially those for the golden girl Sugar and so much great events on your blog, Oz. I remember the half-limerick of Frankie&Ernie and the half-prize, wow that was sooooo funny, BOL!
    Easy Rider

  6. Oh you are rocking in your buggy
    Lily & Edward

  7. WE don't think 13 is an unlucky number at all! My momma was born on Friday the 13th, so she loves it!

  8. You sure had lots of great stuff Oz but we all love that pic of you and Sugar!

  9. I am so happy to have met you this year Oz, and your mom too!
    Luv u guys!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. All great posts! But your poem for our Sweet Greta will always be so special to us. Thanks for being such a great friend
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  11. we love everything that you do and your style and everything about you! Your blog reflects your warmth and the wonderful person that you are. Just keep doin' what you are doin' and we will keep readin'!!!

  12. Great posts. I'm sure 2015 will bring a ton more too.

  13. what a great list, I love all your posts and think they all rock. I liked the 10 things you took camping, the flea ones and of course the Dr. Oz ones. Have a great 2015!

  14. A wondefurful year of pawsome posts Oz!

  15. Oz's Greatest Hits!! BTW, we have a red bike trailer too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  17. I immediately thought of the "Dr. Oz the Terrier" posts when I saw your title. What a great and fun year you've had, Oz! This was a good idea for a post. I rarely look at my stats and such but it's probably something I should start doing.
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

  18. Sorry I haven't been around for ages, but hope you had a lovely Christmas xxx

  19. Woofs OZ!!! First, Golden Thanks that we made your top 13 posts for 2013 :-) We sure enjoy all your Dr.Oz posts. Golden Woofs for 2014!

  20. Just stopping by to wish you and your family good health and much happiness in 2015!

  21. Not surprised that Sweet as Sugar was #1. Everyone loves her and wishes her well. Happy New Year to you Oz and have another successful one in 2015! Amy and Toby at Terra Toby

  22. Congratulations on a great mood!


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