Friday, September 7, 2012


Today was my birthday and at first I was thinking that this was the first day of my mid-life crisis.  I turned 8 after all...and we Cairns are known to live until 16 (or older)...half a great life already has passed me by. 
But then...
Ma took me on a very big walk this morning; we went all around the neighborhood.  I did bump into the greyhound that I am NOT particular too...but other than that, everything was swell.  We walked along the conservation area where I saw an egret.
There's an egret hiding in there!
Since it was my birthday, Ma let me bark like a crazy dog which was fun! One egret even flew away...well, not completely away but away from me.
Egret on take-off!
After that, it was almost 'business as usual'.  Ma had to do some work and at one point, I was put on guard duty (work? on my birthday?)...but Ma left me with several delicious salmon treats (well played, Ma).
Then...Ma came home and she had groceries!!!  And guess what???  There were special groceries in the bags for me!
First there was this...
Prime Rib????
One of my favorites!!!!  Cesar Canine Cuisine Prime Rib (though...I must complain that I would much preferred the actual prime rib Ma cooked over the weekend).  I ate it probably 60 seconds or less.  

When Daddy-dog came home, he gave me LOTS of ear scratches!  Woof-hoo!
While Ma was cooking dinner for Daddy-dog, I got to go outside and stalk lizards in the back yard.  That is always fun!
And was celebration time!
ICE CREAM!!!!!!!


I want to thank all my pals on Twitter and Facebook that wished me a Happy Birthday today.  It was a GREAT day to turn 8 years old!!!



  1. Oz, you are one lucky pup!!! You get to eat in bed!!! I'm so jealous! It looks like you had a FAB brthday celebration! Happy, Happy 8th Brthday Oz!
    Your Moms is the bestest!
    Now, take a've had a long day!



    pees: I just loved all you videos! You are the cutest!

    1. Thanks Ruby!!! It was a fab day!

      I am (technically) not allowed to eat in bed but what could she was my birthday after all. BOL

      I'll snooze in a bit. I am still working on getting more treats out of Ma!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet woofie!!! It's good that your parents are treating you as they should!! Try to get them to give you some TUNA then sneak it over to me! heh heh heh

  3. Well Happy Birfday! Dat B pawesome - sounds rike a wonerful day - you gots some pawesome family! Much lub 2 U!

  4. Hi Oz, happy birfday! I saw you on Ruby's blog and thought I'd come over to make friends! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Oz! I hope that on top of the barking, walk, yummies, and ice cream it was the bestest birthday ever! :-D Here's to another awesome 8 or more years!!


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