Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Good Friend Goes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday morning, my dear friend Lex went over the rainbow bridge.

Lex was one of my favorite cat friends who lived with Ma's friend, Linda D. Whenever I would go visit at Aunt Linda's, Lex would always play with me and the best part was...he played like a dog!

Lex had been suffering from a tumor that was right between his eyes, at the top of his nose, for some time.  This past weekend, it started to affect his breathing so Aunt Linda took him to the vet...and she had to make the tough decision to end Lex's suffering.  I know how much she loved Lex so I know she did the best thing for him.

I miss him already...

This is a picture of my good friend Lex, taken on Christmas Day 2010:

My Lexie-Cat!



  1. I'm so sorry about your friend Lex... That is a very sweet poem you dedicated to him.

  2. Thank you so much, Lavi. Lex was one of my favorite cats! We used to play chase all the time...mostly him chasing me! BOL he was a great friend and I appreciate your kind words.
    XXX Oz

  3. Sorry Oz, it's a awful bummer when you lose a mate. Lex sounded like an awesome puss cat - not like my Grandpaws' cat Bruno - he hides the whole time I am there!!! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to your friend Lex. Sorry for your loss Oz and hugs to Lex's mom.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Rubie: Lex was pawesome! Always out and ready to play! Thank you for your kind words.

    Max: Thank you for the hugs and kind words. I just thought of it, the memorial was like Lex's last Tuna Tuesday! I hope they served him some when he got over rainbow bridge...I bet they did!

    Thanks, pals. XXX Oz

  6. HI Oz,
    I saw your pic from Trixie, Lilly and Sammy Joe's blog and had to check you out. I am sorry to hear about your friend, a cat that played like a dog is pretty special. May those memories of Lex get you through the sad times.


  7. Hi Kirby! So nice to meet you!

    Lex was pretty special indeed. I am less sad today...everyone's kind words have really helped. Thank you for yours!
    xxx Oz

  8. So sorry to hear that Lex went over the Rainbow Bridge. Better for him but he'll be missed by those left behind. It will seem strange & like there's a big gap next time you visit Aunt Linda's house. Lovely poem - made Owner drip eyewater on computer keyboard.

    Millie snuggles to you all & especially Aunt Linda

  9. I am truly sorry for the passing of Lex. May he be freely romping in the fields beyond the Rainbow Bridge. It is always so difficult when we lose a beloved furbaby. Just doesn't seem fair to have them for such a short period of time, but we are lucky we do. Thoughts are with you. PS - very lovely poem.


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