Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Bark Off" Bumper Sticker Give-Away Winners

It's time to announce the WINNERS of the "Bark Off" bumper stickers give-away! 

Each winner, there are six of you, will receive one magnetic bumper sticker and one paper bumper sticker designed at

And now....*waits for drum roll*...the winners as chosen by me and Gus, @DevilOnIceSkate, since it is his photo on the bumper stickers.  (Just so you know, it was difficult picking the winners because everybody had great responses to "What's you favorite place to go in the car and why?"!  But alas, there could only be six winners.)

OK, enough...*another drum roll*....the winners:

Best Rock'n-Out Car Ride:  DakotaBDog, for listening to and singing along with some metal!  Rock on!

Best Non-Car Car Ride:  Oskar, for getting to travel in a motor home! (So jealous!)

Best Treat at Destination:  GOBros...DairyQueen, anyone!!!  (FiveSibesMom, this was close competition since the Five Sibes get vanilla ice cream at McD's!!)

Best Car Ride Aerodynamics:  Finnegan (and Sprite), for hanging out the window to catch the wind!

Best Destination to Meet Other Dogs:  Trixie, Lily and Sammy and their visits to Petco and/or PetSmart. (I am not allowed to go there anymore, because I get too excited - i.e. barky! BOL)

Best Need for Bumper Sticker:  Jan (and the Twiz), need Gus to show others what they think because the Twiz has a hard time being growlie. (BOL!)

OK, so if you are a winner I need to snail mail you your winnings!  If you are on Twitter, please DM me @Oz_theTerrier with your address!  If you are not on Twitter, then send me a BarkMail (address in my profile here) with your address.

Congratulations, pals!!!


  1. Rudy: I agree, but I do thinx everyfur was a winner! All answers could have been put into a "best of" category! I wish I had more to give away but maybe next time!!!
    xxx Oz

  2. Hurray! Will get you our address & display our bumper sticker proudly when we get it!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Cool, we won? We're so excited! We'll Twitter our address to you. :)

  4. Cool... Congratulations to the winners.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. That was fun, Oz. Thanks to you and Devil for such a fun idea


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