Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun Florida Keys: The Hungry Tarpon & Robbie's Marina

I am a bit late writing this post, since I have been back from Islamorada for almost a month, but I did want to tell you about all the fun I had going to The Hungry Tarpon and Robbie's Marina.

We stopped here halfway through our bike ride along The Scenic Seashore Ride.  We biked right into the parking lot and locked up our bikes under some shade trees.  There are lots of outdoor shops to walk in and we did do some 'window shopping'...however our main reason to stop was lunch!

Riding up to The Hungry Tarpon & Robbie's Marina

We walked to The Hungry Tarpon and sat down waterside in the shade.  The view here is of the Florida Bay and the marina.  See the big boats?!?

There are many scrumptious treats on the menu and I convinced Ma to order the fish basket, since I love fried fish...while Daddy-dog ordered the Ahi Tuna Tacos.  Here I am placing my order with Ma:

"Get the fish basket...I will help you finish it!"
Lunch was delicious and how could it not be?!?  We enjoyed our fresh-caught fish lunch bayside!  I even got a dog biscuit from one of the nice about service!

Anyway, after lunch we headed next door to Robbie's Marina to feed the tarpon.  Daddy-dog bought a bucket of baitfish, we walked out onto the docks and I immediately noticed some rather large fishes swimming around in the water below.

There are tarpon everywhere at Robbie's!
When Ma threw some baitfish into the water - Holy Moly! - those giant tarpon leapt right out of the water to grab up their food!  Thinking they were on the attack, I growled and barked at them to remain in the water.

"Stand down crazy tarpon!"
Once I figured out that the tarpon were not coming on the dock I was much calmer.  I then wandered the whole dock looking at the tarpon.

Those are giant fishes!
If you want to see some really cool photos of the tarpon, you should visit Robbie's photo album on the website.  And...if you are ever in Islamorada, you defintely need to stop into Robbie's Marina to feed the tarpon and grab a bite at The Hungry Tarpon.  Both are a true Florida Keys experience and are extremely dog-friendly!

Robbie's Marina & The Hungry Tarpon
Mile Marker 78, Overseas Highway, Lower Matecumbe Key, Bayside
Oz's Dog-Friendly Rating: 4 out of 4 dog bones


  1. Wowzers Oscar! Those Tarpon look cool! You look like you having lots of fun. My favourite pic is of you ordering your meal at the restaurant! BOL! Love AnnieB

  2. I think you were right to bark at those Tarpon - they look pretty big. Best to try & scare them off in case they might get you.

    You look very well-behaved at the restaurant. I think I would be busy trying to say hello to everyone! (I am quite nosey!) BOL!

  3. Millie: I did say hello to everyone! BOL People were asking if they could pet me and everything. It was gr8!

    The tarpon ARE humongous! They are very long and their mouths are gigantic...looks like they could swallow me whole. I think they listened to me when I barked at them. BOL

  4. That looks like agreat place for lunch long as the fishies don't getcha

  5. Love the review and especially love the dog-friendly rating! What a great idea! We'll be traveling around the U.S. with Gus next year and are always looking for the best dog-friendly places to visit. Thanks!

  6. According to Gus: You are very welcome! These two places are pawesome; extremely dog-friendly! When I barked my fool head off at the tarpon, Ma thought the guys would give her flack BUT instead they encouraged me to bark more! BOL Now those are some really kewl humans, if you ask me!

    If you are down in the Keys, you gotta stop in!


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