Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fostering a Puppy

I know I haven't been around for a couple of weeks: not here on the blog nor on Twitter!  I have missed being here so I need to get everyone caught up on what's been going on!  I still have one more post to write about my wonderful vacation in the Florida Keys; there are some more great photos and you won't believe your eyes when you see them!

Anyway, on to this post which is about fostering a puppy because....*drum rolls*...I am now a foster brofur!  Ma and Dad did decide to take in this 9 week old puppy, Dora, when they heard her story from the rescue organization, Save A Death Row Dog.  Poor Dora...some humans adopted her, only to return her to the rescue organization a couple days later, disappointed that she was not part Labrador Retriever!

Seriously, what is wrong with some people?!?  Don't these humans know that there is more to a dog than just its breed?!?  All dogs are special and make great, life-long anipals!  Grrrrrrrr....!

So, here is a photo of Dora:

Isn't she cute?  She is currently teething (and using my tail and ears as a chew toy, grrrrrr...) but she is almost completely house-trained (already! We did have a few accidents, but poop happens.  BOL!) and she is very friendly.

You know, if you and your family has been looking for a dog, Dora may be the girl for you!  You could give Dora the gift of a forever home this holiday season...she would also be a great gift to you and your family as she is a very loving girl.

To my many great anipals, on Blogger and Twitter...if you could help spread the word by giving a "howl out" to your followers, I would REALLY appreciate it!  This little girl, like many dogs in shelters and foster homes, deserves a loving, forever home!



  1. Aw she's adorable!! Pshaw, who needs a lab anyways! Right? Sheppy mixes are just as good!

    And potty trained already, no kidding!!

    I wish you lots of luck finding her the perfect home!!

  2. Wow, you've got work cut out for you there. Don't you just love those little needle teeth?!

    How could people take that adorable pup back. Didn't they realise she wasn't a lab when they picked her up?!

    Train her up well Oscar - you'll be a great influence on Dora until she finds her forever home.

  3. Thank you Gina for fostering Dora. She is a bundle of joy not to mention a bundle of energy!!! You are terrific. Thank you on behalf of Death Row Dog Rescue!!! Darcy

  4. Oh Dora is adorable! I just catching up with the news I have missed! Oh how could she be on death row? Oh my dawgie. Thank dawgness for you and your hoomans. Loves AnnieB


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