Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween: The Good and The Bad

This coming Sunday is Halloween but my humans and I won’t be home to ‘observe’ the holiday.  It is said that Halloween has its origins in Celtic festival of Samhain, a celebration of summer’s end, but I am starting to believe that Halloween may have evolved from canines! 

Think about it. All the ‘good’ parts of Halloween are dog-friendly like:

  • There are lots of visitors to greet at the door.
  • These visitors say the word ‘treat’ every time you open the door.
  • There is a lot of walking/roaming to sniff out the treats.
  • You only have to do a ‘trick’ if some human initially refuses to give you a treat.
  • There are houses and houses full of free treats.

Of course, once the humans got a hold of this holiday they made it far more complicated than walking around all day collecting free treats. They now have rules like:

  • You must wear a costume and it must be flame retardant (so the jack-o-lanterns don’t set you ablaze).
  • Walk, do not run, from house to house to collect treats.
  • Plan your route instead of following the delicious treats scent trails.
  • Don’t eat the delicious treats until you get home.

The rules go on and on. What was once a simple canine holiday to pursue free treats has been warped by the humans.

And in regard to costumes…my Ma always wants to dress up like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz so she can carry me around like Toto. Thankfully, Dad has always put the ka-bosh on this idea, since he has been informed he would have to be the Scarecrow, Tin Man or Lion and he is just not going to do that. (Thank you Dad!)
You wish, Ma!
 But that hasn’t stopped Ma from trying to win Dad over on the idea of costumes.  She did buy me a costume a few years ago, which she does insist I wear when answering the door for trick-or-treaters and on my evening walk.  She thought Dad would love it since he works in construction…no such luck.  I am not too thrilled about it either, but I wear it nonetheless.

I've got my tools.

Just give me the treats!!


  1. Oh Oz my ma does say you look loverly but I agree I don't understand why we does need to wear da silly costumes! Halloween should go back to da way it was supposed to be when I dogs were in charge!

  2. You said it Farley! It was a dog's holiday until the humans came along and 'made it their own'. The costume makes me crazy, but at least it is only once a year!

  3. YAP! You got it! I give ya da treats anytime Oscar coz you are too cute for werds! YAP! You so pawceptive. Halloween woz originally for us doggies! Weese can do trick AND treat! Doose hoomans have hijacked it! You very funnie doggie my furiend! Love your furiend AnnieB X

  4. By The Way, I did also mean to say WOT a fantastic Halloween Costume you have there Oscar! Where did you find dat?!I am impawsed! Love AnnieB X

  5. Thanx you, Miss Annie! And you are absolutely right...we can do tricks AND treats! More proof that Halloween was a dog-invented holiday!

    Ma did find the costume at a local costume store that opens up only for Halloween. There are many more costumes for doggies there, but Dad and I don't allow her to buy me any more than the one I already have! (Tho, we both know that someday I will end up being carried around as Toto.)

  6. Wow! I never knew Halloween was a dog inspired holiday! I will have to get a better costume than my usual witch (or is it wizard) to beat you! X

  7. Oh, Floyd...I do not believe that I have a great costume. What I have is the only one dad can tolerate. BOL!

    I bet you will be smashing as a wizard. Maybe you should be Harry Trotter or something! BOL

    I tell you all...Halloween originated in the canine world!

  8. Hi Oscar! We just found your blog (thanks for following!) and love it (we're now after yours!).

    Charlie Poo hates clothing. I swore one day I'd shave him into some weird concoction. Emma Pittie loves wearing clothes. Maybe a ballerina for her? I'll probably have to hide her from all the crazy kiddies though.

    I never did realize how much of a doggy holiday it really was!

  9. Hello, Ettel, Charlie and Emma! So nice to meet you. Thank you for joining my bloggie! *blushes*

    I am with Charlie on the clothing; maybe its a boy thing. The only good part of the costume is that the kids LUV it and I get lots of attention on Halloween.

    I hope I have converted another non-believer into believing Halloween was started by dogs! Woof-hoo!

  10. Oscar - We're with you - Halloween should be simple - get TREATS! Only do a trick if you absolutely are forced to :) We like your tool time costume - our Dad is in construction, too and he's always looking for hard hats that will fit us.
    The Road Dogs

  11. Hey there, Road Dogs! Your dad is in construction too...kewl! My costume came with a hard hat but it wasn't hard and it was too small. What a shame 'cause it would make the outfit! BOL Thanks for visiting!!!


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