Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ted Loves Chicken

For my good friend, Ted (@TedLovesChicken) who requested his own poem about, what else, Chicken:

I have a friend Ted
and he loves to be fed

Whether as a roast
or served on toast;
my dear friend Ted
wants to be fed

He enjoys Cordon Bleu
as well as a stew.
Don’t forget the roast
or on top of toast!
As dear ole Ted
needs to be fed

You can prepare it on a grill,
even as Chicken Seville,
a good Cordon Bleu,
in a hearty stew,
pop in the oven to roast
or as shingles on toast
because my friend Ted
loves to be fed

Ted asks for nothing
not even some stuffing:
just cook it on the grill,
make Chicken Seville,
fancy Cordon Bleu,
a delectable stew,
or a juicy roast
that’s served with toast
and he’ll go to bed
with dreams in his head
of Chicken.


  1. Wow, you have amazing talent!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Thanx, Oskar! Ted has been waiting a good long time for this poem. I sure hope he sees it & likes it!!

  3. Hey, great poem.......which has made me ungry

  4. Thanx, Marley. I know...writing this poem (as well as when I wrote the Ode on Bacon) was difficult. They both made me drool with hunger as I wrote. BOL!

  5. Wow dat be great for Ted he sooooooo love his chicken, you really clever Oz.

    BOL Baxter


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