Thursday, September 30, 2010

Street Dog

For Bertie, @diamondbertie

There was a young dog named Bert
who usually pooped in the dirt.
He performed such a feat
the day he pooped in the street,
that his mistress laughed so hard, it hurt!



  1. Very funniee Oscar! Once again you have made us ROTFB! Thank you my furiend for the fun! Love AnnieB X

  2. Always my pleasure, Miss Annie! If Bertie hadn't told us about the time he pooped in the street during rush hour, we would not have had this limerick!

    xoxo, Oz

  3. Oh that is funny, poor Bertie.. and his poor mum having to hold up the traffic!

  4. Very nice limerick my pal. Very nice werk from Bertie too!!


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