Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Ode on Bacon

There is time to sit and wait
for the week to pass to late,
all the while eating bran
put off ‘til the day does come
the emergence of the pan
and the fading of the crumb.

On the fire, pan comes to heat
preparing to cook the meat.
To hear the quiet shuffle
of someone walking about.
The open wrapper, a muffle;
a favorite, I have no doubt.

Hear it! Sizzling and snapping
rouses one from their napping.
If you listen intently
to the crackles and the pops,
you hear it whisper gently
until it’s ready, then stops.

Out of the pan, on a plate,
a hunger it does create.
Eager for salty flavor,
anticipating the crunch;
Ah, the taste one does savor
wanting to eat a whole bunch.

Near the table, one’s transfixed
waiting for the morsels mixed
in the morning’s breakfast bowl;
A round of tricks one must make
down and stay (maintain control!)
sit, high-five and paw to shake.

Tricks are done, one last command,
the wait one can hardly stand.
Command does come, “You can eat!”
I spring right up to my feet;
devoured all, now replete…
Bacon is my favorite treat!


  1. Oz, you be a pure poetry genius!
    Tail wags and toots,
    your pal Farley @farthewestie

  2. Hee hee! Dat is a great poem Oscar! I think you describing my house, but very beautifully! You always make us smile! Thank you. Love your furiend AnnieB X

  3. PS. And.... I forgot to say how brilliantly this poem captures a moment in time. A very impawtant moment in our day. Dinner Time! BOL! Love AnnieB X

  4. And now I'm off to bed
    to dream about bacon
    I sure do hope the best spot
    On the bed isn't taken

  5. We always wait in anticipation
    for the humans to give us BACON!

    Thanx Farley, Annie and Teagan for leaving ya pawprint. I think we can all agree that dogs love bacon! I was describing how to get bacon in my house, but obviously it is the same all over the world! BOL We need to train these humans better.

    xxx, Oz

  6. I agree my furiend. We need to train these hoomans a lot bettter! BOL!

  7. Oz pal BACON! is the bestest thing sure said a mouthful here :)

    1. Oh I tried, Gizmo...I tried. So much can be said about bacon, I wonder if I could have gone on forever! BOL

  8. Really love it :)


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