Monday, September 6, 2010

A Grrrrreat Holiday Weekend!

This weekend was a four-day weekend for me and my family, since daddy-dog always has off on Fridays and then he got today off for Labor Day!

But the best of the weekend was Saturday; we had friends over for a barbecue party. We kicked off the party with one of my food favorites – cheese! I made sure not to beg too much (since mom doesn’t like begging at all) so that I could get some of the cheese for myself.

Everyone was having a good time, talking and laughing on the patio in the backyard. There were lots of lizards around to keep me entertained and I even chased one up the baby palm tree.

Then, like music to my ears I heard “Dinner’s ready”! I ran inside with everyone to see just what we were having for dinner. Mom had made beef short ribs – they smelled divine!

There was also pasta salad and Aunt D brought both collard greens (kind of yucky, but I do like the pieces of ham hock in there) and another of my favorites, her secret recipe corn bread. The corn bread muffins have BEEF inside and let me tell you, they were delicious with dinner and as breakfast on Sunday morning!

After dinner, everyone went back outside onto the patio to continue the festivities and that is when we had an uninvited visitor – an iguana! Now, I have seen these before when we go visit friends who live along the water but I have never seen one in my backyard!

It was hard to see at first; the iguana being very good at blending in with its surroundings. Finally, I saw it move so I barked and gave chase to scare it away. Thank goodness it left because iguanas can be very temperamental, sometimes even scratching or biting people or other anipals.

My Saturday was such a wonderful whirlwind of great food, great friends and lots of laughs that it made me quite exhausted.  Still, it was a grrrrreat holiday weekend!

I hope all of my anipals had a Grrrrreat weekend like I did!

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