Monday, August 16, 2010

Lizards, Lizards Everywhere...All for the Chasing!

It was a great weekend to play chase in the backyard; there were lots of lizards darting back-and-forth and in-and-out of the all their hiding places throughout the yard.  I gave chase many times but I did not catch any of them and thus, they all still have their tails intact! 

Yes, there have been times when most of the lizards in the backyard do NOT have their tails.  It happens when you pounce on the tail - the lizard just lets it break off so it can run away.  The tail stays and wiggles around for a good while, providing additional entertainment.

So, here is a look at what I was chasing this weekend:

Brown Anole

Green Anole

And the invasive lizard, the Curly Tail

The Brown and Green Anoles are pretty small (only a couple inches long) while the Curly Tail is much larger.  The Curly Tail is also a bit grumpy and not as afraid of dogs as the other lizards.

What have you been chasing all weekend?!?  Leave a comment and/or a trackback to your blog and let us know!!


  1. Yikes! I dont fink I would be appy if my tail fell off if someone grabbed it. Dad does it all the time

  2. Mom grabs my tail all the time too. She says that's what terrier tails are for, but I don't know if I believe her.


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