Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sunday FUNday at Savannas Preserve State Park

Last week’s holiday weekend brought us a true Sunday FUNday since Monday was a day off from work. We decided to go for a morning bike ride at a State Park that is local to us, Savannas Preserve.

entrance savannas preserve state park in port st lucie florida

Savannas are freshwater marshes and they once extended all along Florida’s southeast coast. Savannas Preserve is the largest and most intact remnant of Florida’s east coast savannas stretching 10 miles from Ft. Pierce to Jensen Beach.

savannas preserve state park florida

Savannas is comprised of six natural communities: pine flatwoods, wet prairie, basin marsh, marsh lake, sand pine scrub and scrubby flatwoods. The sand pine scrub is a globally imperiled plant community and here you can see rare plants like the prickly apple cactus, Lakela’s mint and four-petal pawpaw.

Savannas Preserve State Park is home to a variety of birds and wildlife including marsh rabbit, deer and yes, alligators. The park is also home to the Gopher Tortoise, one of our favorite native species. We met up with a Gopher Tortoise after our bike ride and he even posed for a photo. Afterwards, he followed Ma to the truck! It was like he wanted to come home with us but we knew better…we left him alone as Gopher Tortoises are a threatened species and are protected under state law.

threatened Gopher tortoise

The Park has over 15 miles of multi-use trails that are great for walking, hiking, horseback riding and biking. You will see in my time-lapse video (which was filmed from my POV) there is little cover or shade on the trails so venturing at this time of year, even in the morning, was hot and exhausting. But I still had FUN!

Savannas Preserve offers opportunities for canoeing and kayaking as well. You can explore on your own or take one of the volunteer-led tours on Friday and Saturday mornings.

white trail at savannas preserve state park

The trails at Savannas Preserve State Park are probably best explored during the dry, cooler season so we will definitely go back. We may try a canoe adventure too.

What makes your Sunday a FUNday?


  1. You might consider ditching your clunky engine and getting a V-8.

  2. Oz that's a wonderful place for a walk... do you know the phonenumber of that gopher tortoise? I think Hell-mut is in love :o)

  3. OMD OZ.... look what Easy said about Hell-mut... Maybe you should contact YENTI Ruby and get them together..

    We loved the video from YOUR POV... your dad surely can PEDDLE FAST.
    A PAW PAW ??? The ones (which are VERY RARE to find) that grow in OHIO... have delicious fruit in the Fall... Tastes like BANANA. Do YOURS make Fruit?

  4. Is your friendly turtle doing a selfie
    Lily & Edward

  5. Ya get to go on da coolest adventures!

  6. Watch fur those gators!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. That looks like a fun place to explore with a lot of good sniffing!

  8. That sure looked like fun! But don't go in the water, Oz! ;)

  9. Maybe the turtle would have given you a ride??
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. That really DOES look like fun!!!

  11. That sure looked like a fun ride! What a cool place and a nice little friend you made there!
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. WE have never seen a turtle in real life. stella rose

  13. OMD OZ there was gators close by!!!
    I think the turtle was looking for the tiki bar.

  14. Unless we have a sports event or other function, Sundays are home days. We don't like being out when the rest of the world is out. We enjoy resting, tanking up our batteries and preparing for the week ahead. Looks like you had a nice time in a great place to view nature.

  15. AnonymousJuly 07, 2016

    What an AWESOME way to take a bike ride. WOW! I am glad you showed your little trailer/cart. I was picturing you riding in a basket on the front of the bike. That would be scary!

    Love and licks,

  16. What a awesome day! Love the turtle.

  17. Oz what a great photo of you and Dog Daddy!!
    Happy Friday
    Hugs madi your bfff

  18. You sure do have some interesting stuff in your part of the world Oz. I have heard of Gopher tortoises before.

  19. mine would never be happy with this trip. I would find it great, but not at these high temperatures.

  20. Oh my goodness super careful about the gators!! You really DO go on the coolest adventures with your mom and dad!!


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