Monday, April 18, 2016

5 Top I.D.s for Your Dog #NationalPetIDWeek

If Oz ever got lost, I know I would be one of those dog parents that stick “Lost Pet” posters everywhere.  I would be out day and night looking for him.  I would be a basket case until he was returned safely to me.  No one ever plans for their dog to get lost, it just happens which is why I believe it is so important that every dog have one or more forms of I.D. at all times.  Here are 5 of my favorite and fun ways to I.D. your dog.

5 Top IDs for your Dog

1. Standard I.D. Tags like the ones you can get at PetSmart or any of your local pet stores.  Oz has this kind of tag on his everyday walking harness.  Just remember that it is so important to check that tag and get a new one every so often, as the etching can fade.

2. Personalized Collars by Hot Dog Collars.  We reviewed these collars last year and Oz wears one all the time just in case he bolts out of the house (a rare occasion now that he is a senior dog).  It is personalized with his name and my cell phone number. Again, you should check the collar to make sure it has become too worn or faded.

5 Top IDs for your Dog - personalized collar from Hot Dog Collars

3. Twigo Tags.  I find these to be very useful when we go away and leave Oz with my parents.  You can personalize these tags easily with a marker that sets after being submerged in boiling water for a period of time.  I shared how I personalize the tag in last year’s post - Oz was staying with my mom so I included HER cell phone number on the tag.

5 Top IDs for your Dog - Twigo Tags

4. Fun I.D. Tags from Dog Tag Art.  Oz has one with his logo on one side and my contact information on the other side.  I.D. tags from Dog Tag Art are very rugged and durable.  Oz’s tag is on his hiking harness and it still looks as great as the day we got it.

5 Top IDs for your Dog - tags from Dog Tag Art

5. Microchip.  This is the best form of identification as each chip can include a wealth of information, so long as whoever finds your dog takes them to a vet’s office so it can be read.  Oz is microchipped but I still use the other forms of identification on him as well…just in case. 

What forms of I.D. do you use for your dog?  
Do you rely on one form of I.D. or 
are you a worried dog mom like me who uses multiple?


  1. I'm microchipped and I've got a tag that slides on my collar wif my info on it. We had to stop using da dangle tags since I would chew on em and make em unreadable.

  2. I have a chip and a tag on my collar... and I have the howl-i-copter mama who is always around me LOL

  3. Those are some great forms of I.D.!! We are chipped and have everyday tags!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. Oz for sure you are known through out the world by your handsome face and all the good deeds you do...but it is always nice to have ID in case you need to prove you are you when you want to have an umbrella drink.mol mol
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. I'm upset. The dogs are microchipped and I am not. Discrimination against parrots.

  6. Having an ID with updated info and being microchipped is very important
    Lily & Edward

  7. The boys are both microchipped and wear 2 tags. I have a clip that allows me to change the tags in a snap. Yes, I would be one of those crazed lost dog moms too.

  8. I am microchipped and have a name tag on my collar!

  9. We are all chipped, Katie and I have two chips actually, and we all have our ID tags. Hopefully we will never need to be found.

  10. Mr. N is microchipped and wears a tag. I would be out of my mind if Mr. N was lost! He believes in keeping an eagle eye on me at all times though.

  11. Looks like you've got it covered! We had never seen a collar with your name on it quite as nice as that one. That's a great option to avoid dangly things for identification.

  12. I'm glad you stressed putting the cell number and not home number on the tag. In case you're on vacation or just a road trip, the cell is the best contact. Cupcake's tag says, "I'm Cupcake. Call my mom!" and it has my cell phone number.

  13. We are microchipped and have an ID tag on our halters but cannot wear collars (due to the way we play). Mom does worry about this.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. All of our dogs are chipped, but they also were collars with their info especially while out hunting.

  15. Great one! I chip, and utilize collars and ID tags at all times (except when in the crate).

  16. Those are all great id tags. I have all my dogs chipped but they don't wear collars very often.

  17. Those are all great ideas!
    We are chipped, first of all. On our collars, we wear our rabies tag, which bears our vet's number and our vaccination number, so we can be tracked that way. We also wear a City Tag, which bears a number the city can ID us with. AND we wear a military-style dog tag with our name, Mom and Dad's name, cell numbers, address. What we like about the military-style dog tag is that the info won't wear off. On our harnesses, we have another one of the military dog tags! Yeah ... I think our mom over-does a bit!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


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