Thursday, March 24, 2016

PetSafe #rufferee System Can Teach an Old Dog New Plays

PetSafe® is introducing the new rufferee™ Bluetooth collar and flag system, a total home solution that enables your pet to learn what is off limits and help you monitor his/her behavior.

PetSafe rufferee Bluetooth collar and flag training system

The system includes a collar and three flags that work together to communicate with your pet and you.  You simply put the collar on your pet and place the flags on the items in your home that you want to monitor.  Then using the free mobile phone app, you can sync the collar and the flags and monitor your pet throughout the day.

Rufferee can be used to monitor your pet in a variety of ways including how often your cat uses the litterbox, how often your dog jumps on the furniture or to keep your pets away from the garbage can.  The rufferee app lets you program multiple collars and flags for each individual pet.  Each flag can even have different settings for each pet in your home.

The rufferee system works on the same Bluetooth LE found in your Smartphone.  The flags broadcast messages via Bluetooth LE and the collar receives the messages.  When the collar is in range of your phone, it will relay via Bluetooth all the new information it has collected.

The PetSafe rufferee system is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo! 
PetSafe is launching rufferee in this way to confirm that there are tech-savvy pet parents who want and need rufferee before they go into production.

As an Oz the Terrier reader, you can use my links to pre-order your rufferee 1 Pet System or your rufferee 2 Pet system (affiliate links) and receive a special incentive.  Just click on the corresponding image below to be taken to the PetSafe rufferee Indiegogo campaign page.


  1. it's a great idea... and it would bring some quiet minutes to my mom when she has to leave my crib without me :o)

  2. Interesting. How does it teach the dog to avoid something?

  3. How cool is that!!
    Lily & Edward

  4. OZ this is a grrrreat thingy....
    We just HOPE that OUR MOM never decides to us it on US... BaaaaaWaaaah...

  5. That sounds very interesting! PetSafe makes the coolest products ♥

  6. it would blow up telling me how naughty Gambler is.


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