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Bravo to Pet Moms & Guardians: Bravo Pet Foods Interview

If you recall, Ma and Little Oz met Miss Bette, owner and co-founder of Bravo Pet Foods back in March at Global Pet Expo and they just loved her energy and heart! 

Little Oz meets Bette, owner & co-founder of Bravo Pet Foods

So, in keeping with the Mother's Day spirit, I wanted to interview Miss Bette, a long-time pet lover and previous pet owner, about why she chose to not only feed a raw diet but to create her own Pet Food company.  She said "Yes!" and so I present to interview with Miss Bette.

Oz:  Hi, Miss Bette.  Thank you for letting me interview you.  I am so excited!
Miss Bette:  Thank you for asking me.  It's my honor to be interviewed by you.

Oz:  As a long-time pet lover and previous pet owner, did you consider yourself a pet owner or a pet parent?
Miss Bette:  Actually, neither.  I've always considered my pets to be my partners - I am and always will be their guardian in this life and beyond.

Oz:  Is there a favorite memory, including any of the pets you've had through the years, that you can share with us?
Miss Bette:  I have so many.  Honestly, every moment that they allowed me to share their life is something that holds a special place with me.

Oz:  How did you decide that a raw diet was the right option for your own pet?
Miss Bette:  In 1995 my dog, Babe, died from aflotoxin mold that was in a well-known kibble. That was the last bag of kibble that I ever fed.

A raw diet replicates an animal’s natural diet. It simply has the essentials and nothing that compromises its purpose, which is to nourish and enhance the pet’s quality of life.  After Babe, I wanted to know each ingredient that I was feeding, its purpose and its benefits. For me, the decision to feed raw was easy.

Oz:  What was it like as you started making raw recipes/products for not only your own pet but others too? How did this experience impact your approach to what Bravo Pet Foods is today?
Miss Bette:  At the time, there were very few companies that were making raw and very few books on the subject. I really did my research and was dedicated to understanding what would be best. I still am!

Through the years, we at Bravo have compiled our own insight and worked with experts in the category to provide a resource for anyone interested in serving a raw diet. Our New Beginnings booklet isn’t a sales pamphlet. It’s a guide to serving raw.

What I fed at first was a wide variety of food, over time those recipes became what people recognize as the Balance products. When you look at the variety of Bravo products available today, you can see that influence of variety and versatility everywhere. We offer everything from AAFCO complete and balanced foods to raw boneless meat. This gives pet owners the option and convenience to feed raw without “making” it themselves or the resources to create something completely unique for their dog.

Oz:  We both know that feeding raw can be a bit expensive, so here's a two-part question:
1) Do you think if more people fed a raw diet the price would adjust a bit lower?
Miss Bette:  I recently read something that said “don’t ask why raw is so expensive, ask why kibble is so cheap.”  I feel that’s the real topic pet owners should be asking.

I don’t know if price would be enough to get people to embrace raw. People have a lot of different reasons for not feeding raw, from it being too expensive or too hard to it taking too much time.

2)  If a pet parent/owner cannot feed raw for every meal, would you suggest adding raw as part of their feeding regimen (maybe one meal a day, or a portion of raw in every meal, or a few times a week, etc)? Why?
Miss Bette:  Feeding an all-raw diet would be best, but I would love for everyone to add some element of raw to their pet’s diet. There are a lot of options and they all support the same nutritional and health benefits.

When making these decisions I believe it’s best to watch your pet and trust what you see – he or she will always tell you if something is not working.

Oz:  When starting Bravo Pet Foods, what made you decide to create a raw food line with products ranging from a complete meal all the way down to meals that could be customized by the pet owner?
Miss Bette:  Bravo started because I wanted to make food for me and my friends.  All of our products grew out of that. One friend wanted one thing so we made it, another wanted something else, so we made it.

Oz:  And finally, if there was only one thing that you could let people know about Bravo Pet Foods, what would it be?
Miss Bette:  It would have to be that the little things matter. We scrutinize over the ingredients, sourcing and formulations, so you don’t have to. Most importantly, you can feel good about bringing home Bravo because you’re investing in their current health and a long, happy life together.

Oz:  Thank you Miss Bette for letting me interview you...and especially for creating a delicious, healthy food for pets!
Miss Bette:  You are very welcome. Thank you for this opportunity.

Post Disclaimer: Bravo Pet Foods is a food sponsor of Oz the Terrier.  We are being compensated in product for spreading the word about Bravo Pet Foods but Oz the Terrier only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  Bravo Pet Foods is not responsible for the content of this article.


  1. I luffs Miss Bette, she sounds like a great pet Mom!
    Loves and licky kisses
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  2. Great interview Little Oz! I so agree all moments we share with our pets are a favorite moment... and even the little things matter, that's for sure.. specially on the food-front!
    easy rider


  4. that was an excellent interview - it kinda makes us laugh when people cringe about feeding their dogs raw food - it is after all what all dogs would eat in the wild

  5. Hey Oz!
    Wow, great interviewing skills! Sounds like delish foodables and thanks for sharing the story with us.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  6. That was very interesting, she is a great momma.
    stella rose

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    Lily & Edward

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  18. This was a great interview and I have always been anxious to learn a little more about raw feeding, so this was great for me, thanks!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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