Monday, March 23, 2015

Senior Dogs Can Be #CrateHappyPets Too

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As a senior dog I must admit, I LOVE my crate. 

Oz the Terrier | Benefits of Crate Training a Dog

Ma crate trained me as soon as she brought me home and there were some people who questioned her for doing so.  They thought crate training was a punishment but Ma knew better.  She knew dogs were den animals and she knew if she taught me correctly, I would come to appreciate and love my crate.  She was right!

I was crate trained with the same techniques as most puppies and dogs are - being slowly encouraged to enter the crate using treats/toys, being in the crate with the door closed for short periods of time only after becoming comfortable with entering it on my own, and sleeping all night in the crate - but Ma had a few tricks up her sleeve as well. 

First, Ma put one of her dirty (sweaty) t-shirts in the crate for me to cuddle with; having her scent around was reassuring to me which helped me adjust to the crate more quickly.  Ma also made sure to use the crate for car travel and not just to the vet!  Ma took me and my crate everywhere that would allow pets and the rewards of being at new places to find new smells made my crate even more special to me.

Oz the Terrier | PetSmart sale for pet crates, carriers and kennels

There are benefits to being crate trained at any age, including:

1) Housebreaking.  No dog wants to soil where he sleeps so if a crate is his resting spot while he is unsupervised, you can teach him to do his business outside and on a schedule.

2)  Transport.  A crate is a safe way to take your dog with you on both short and long trips.  It is also handy for emergency evacuation, like when we have a bad hurricane coming.

3)  Travel.  Most hotels let dogs stay in the room alone if they are crate trained.

4) Injury and Recovery.  While this is important at any age, as a senior dog having my own safe place to recover from an injury or illness helps me heal better.  When dogs aren't crate trained and then are confined to a crate during injury/illness recovery, it can cause undue stress which can cause complications to the healing process.

My friends at PetSmart® know all about the benefits and the process of crate training.  They believe that crates are a safe and secure place for your pet to be when you cannot be with them at home or away or during travel.  It is why at PetSmart, they offer a full array of pet crates including hard-sided, soft-sided, and wire crates from great brands like Petmate®, Kong®, Grreat Choice®, Martha Stewart Pets® and Top Paw®. 

The crate section at my local PetSmart is huge!  When Ma was there, she noticed that all the crates, kennels, carriers and their accessories were on sale and will be until the end of March.  You don't want to miss this sale if you are in need of a new or upgraded crate!

Oz the Terrier| Crate, Carrier & Kennel selection at a local PetSmart store

Like I said, I love my crate and though the door is rarely shut anymore, I still use it daily as my safe place and to give these old bones a rest after a big walk or play date.

Are you crate trained?  Do you still use your crate every day as your spot to get away from it all?


  1. I don't haf a crate...I'm neglected...MUM...Where's MY crate Mum??????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Oh goodness you are neglected! Every Cavalier needs to have a "house" they can call home! How do you go on adventures without one? - Davinia and Indiana

  2. We don't have one either Oz but we sure know lots who do and like them very much. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We were trained to use crates for traveling but Mom doesn't like them for ever day use and she especially doesn't like when people crate their dogs all day while they go to work - how would they feel stuck in a box all day hardly able to move.

  4. Ring a ding Ring Hello Oz ~ I have a crate and I was crate trained. Yes in deed most of the time when I am in the car I am in my crate. If Lee is on the computer I go in my big crate to sleep but at night I sleep on a dog bed next to the big bed so in the morning we have snuggle time. If Lee is on the laptop why I just play around. I am the proud owner of two crates.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. Kali had to get a Kong crate. She learned how to get out of one in 5 minutes.

  6. I hear ya Oz... or better my momma hears ya :o) we sadly gave up after the handfull of weim turned into tnt as we tried the crate... now we wish we hadn't.... it's always a challenge when I'm alone at home and my momma has 87 ants in the pants till she is back ...
    easy rider

  7. Bentley loved his crate. When I used to have to leave for work, he'd go open his door and hop inside. I had a video, but he ate my Iphone as a puppy too! LOL!

  8. WE do not have a crate.... and our mom says that she sometimes wishes that we DID... Esp. in case of Accident or Illness or Injury... they are WONDERFUL for those times... Butt NOT if one is not accustomed to being in a crate... SHE... missed the Boat on this one and wishes she had NOT.
    YOU are very much Lucky that your Ma was ON THE BALL... she did the RIGHT thingy.
    BUTT we will tell you that in the JEEP... we are always snapped up with our Harnesses... fur safety.

  9. I have a folding Pet crate for when we are on vacation,xx Speedy

  10. There are many advantages to using a crate. We hardly go in ours anymore but mom is glad we still have them just in case!

    Your GUY Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. I just bought a crate from PetSmart last month for introducing Callie and Shiner. I so wish that I had crate trained Shiner when she was a puppy. I gave up after about 2 days, because I was young and dumb and she wouldn't stop crying at night.

  12. I think it is a bit easier with crates and smaller dogs. Our crates are so big and there are three of us so it would take up a lot of space to have them out all the time. Bailie uses hers sometimes and seems to really enjoy being in it. I use mine when we work on nose work. It's great you like yours so much.

  13. Well...I know lots love their crates....but not me I lived for nine months in a cage in a puppy mill...and my Peeps said never again...not even a's big dog house out side and nice wonderful fully bed inside....and front seat in the truck!

    Da Sus

  14. Oz you are adorable in your crate. So an old dog can learn a new trick. Sharing.

  15. Oz, Gambler will be in his crate when left home alone forever. Glory and nellie can be left out but are both crate trained, most of the time I put gory in a crate so gman doesn't feel left out.

  16. My mom crate trained her beagle. He doesn't seem to mind it.

  17. Our cat Rosie enjoyed Pip's crate more than Pip. We often used to find her sleeping inside. Ruby, on the other hand, really freaks out in a crate ...

  18. All of my huskies are crate trained - I don't use them much anymore but they sure came in handy for those destructive days!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  19. I was crate trained as a puppy just like you! But I got spoiled and haven't used it since I was 6 months old, mom wishing we still used it! Love Dolly

  20. Our dogs use their crates all of the time and travel in them!


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