Thursday, July 17, 2014

Style and Function from ThunderCoat

As I may have mentioned, it is Rainy Season here in South Florida.  Though the mornings are sunny and beautiful, our afternoons are filled with torrential rain and thunderstorms.  Often you can see the storm as it moves in very quickly so sometimes it is raining in my front yard, but not my back yard (or vice versa).

Now, I hate walking in the rain because I do not like to get wet...and though I am not afraid of thunder, I will bark at it to make it run away.  Ma says the barking is obnoxious but what does she know?  For these two reasons, Ma and I were so happy when ThunderWorks asked us to try their new ThunderCoat.

ThunderCoat:  Two Solutions, One Happy Dog!
The ThunderCoat is actually a ThunderShirt AND a trench coat all in one!  The specially designed ThunderShirt allows you to snap the ThunderCoat onto it.  The ThunderShirt with the snaps comes with the ThunderCoat so you do not need to purchase it separately.

Since the ThunderCoat fits over a ThunderShirt, you get the calming effect from the Shirt and the protection from the rain from the Coat.  In addition, if it is cold where you live when it rains, the layering of both provides added warmth while outside.

The ThunderCoat is water resistant, fully lined, has a removable hood and is machine washable.  It is also stylish...that is if you are going for that Sherlock Holmes look.  Personally, I think I look pretty dapper in it.

ThunderCoat:  Walking in the Rain
My first attempt to venture out into the rain did not planned.  I refused to move from the porch believing I would get wet and as I said, I don't like that. 

However, as a terrier I am tenacious so I kept trying to go out in the rain sporting my new ThunderCoat.  And you know what?  That tenacity paid off and I now do not mind walking in the rain while wearing my ThunderCoat.  It really is water resistant; rain rolls off it like water off a duck's back.

I am fairly certain most of you know about ThunderShirt and how it uses gentle pressure to help alleviate fear and anxiety in dogs and cats.  But did you know that ThunderShirt now comes in a variety of colors including...wait for it...camo with safety orange?!?  How totally me, right?  I am rockin' the camo!

Again, I will say I am NOT afraid of thunder; it does NOT send me into a full-blown anxiety attack like it does my Uncle Bailey the Bichon.  But, sometimes, depending on the proximity of the thunder (and if it is shaking the house), I will bark ferociously at it.  So during a recent, BIG thunderstorm, Ma put the ThunderShirt on me and you know what happened?  I stopped barking.  I know...we couldn't believe it either.

I had Ma make a mish-mash video of me during that recent, BIG thunderstorm.  We were outside as it started to move in and I did bark at the thunder once but once we were inside, I just "talked" to Ma and did not bark.  Take a look:

I am really enjoying my ThunderWorks products!  They are both stylish and functional.

Are you afraid of thunder or other loud noises?  
Do you hate walking in the rain?  
Have you ever tried a ThunderShirt or ThunderCoat?

Review Disclaimer:  Oz the Terrier received one ThunderCoat and one ThunderShirt for free from ThunderWorks in exchange for an honest review.  I received no other compensation for this post.  The opinions expressed within this post are my own and are not influenced by any outsider.


  1. Now that was truly a brilliant idea to combine the two - but why do they always make the hoods so big - is that part of the plan - that they cover the eyes so you can't see the thunder - or where you are going for that matter :) Either way - you looked superbly dapper in your coat

  2. What a great idea to combine the two! I would assume that it would make potty breaks much easier for some dogs. Thankfully, mine aren't afraid of water and don't mind getting wet, but I know plenty of dogs that do!

  3. Looking dapper love the hood. Bailey really should try it because he has major storm anxiety. Katy is usually pretty calm.

  4. Wow, you do look quite dapper in that trench coat! Very stylish. And I know a lot of pups who've been helped SO much by their Thunder Shirts!

  5. Hey Oz.....OMDs you look very debonair in your thunder coat and it compliments your furs. During our visit with MacGyver last week there was a tstorm he had to put his thunder shirt on too. Hugs Madi your bfff

  6. PS I turn into a step kitty during tstorms.....I sit half way between up and down on the steps that way I can run depending on which of my doors the thunder tries to get in the house.
    Hugs madi

  7. That really is a great idea. Unfortunately, thundershirt or not, my Jimmy won't step foot outside in a thunderstorm.

    You really do rock the Sherlock Holmes look!

  8. AnonymousJuly 17, 2014

    the coat looks great. I like the hood! I have a raincoat without a hood... that's totally useless. I'm glad that such a thundershirt can help the pups who dislike the "firework from heaven".

  9. You LOOK SUPER in your NEW and IMPROVED ThunderShirt. I have a plain one... it DOES help me...butt it makes me very HOT... OMD Love the CAMO one.

  10. Rain in the front yard and not the back sounds funky! Love the nose in the camera in your video

  11. You sure look mighty handsome in that Oz!

  12. Mom says you look positively to snuggle for in that coat! Hope it works well for you. We don't mind being soaked, but Mom wishes there was a coat that kept our lets and undercarriage dry as that is what bothers her.

  13. AnonymousJuly 17, 2014

    We're having the same thunderboomers you are Oz, but we don't seem to be bothered by the noise. In face, how crazy is this... we run to the glassed in proch to watch the lightening. That shirt looks neat though.

    Have a good day.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  14. What a wonderful idea!! Oz, we really like your "indoor voice" BOL
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  15. Oz, you look adorable in that camo thundershirt....I love how stylish it is! The girls don't like thunderstorms but we've had limited results with thundershirts and similar products. I think this is a great idea for those that it does help though.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  16. Our little brother, Bruin doesn't like anything loud. We should really think about the thundershirt for him.

  17. Except for your orange stripe, I almost didn't see you in your camo TS! I have a regular one that I'm supposed to use for thunderstorms, but Mom usually forgets until it's too late. I do use it every July 4th though and it works like a charm!

  18. Lee is scared of thunder and has a thunder shirt that does help. This new thunder coat looks great! Thanks for telling us about this.

  19. Mother wonder if thunder shirt really helps anxious dogs for Vaks is so afraid of noises so she is considering whether she should buy one.

  20. I heard about these shirts(vests and blankets for kids too) before they were made for dogs-I believe initially they were invented for Autistic children. They are wonderful for special kids too; I'm glad it helped you. Hunter is the first dog we've had that doesn't take issues with thunder. Thanks for such a great review.
    Noreen & Hunter

  21. You look most dapper in your ThunderCoat Oz!!! Ma tried to put one of those one me, butts I'm not a clothes doggie and bucked to get it off. What can I say...I likes to go nekkid!! BOL
    Stay Dry!
    Ruby ♥

  22. OMD very stylish. I'm not afraid of loud booms but I don't like getting my feet wet maybe they should come out with some thunderBoots for me.

    Aroo to you,

  23. That was a great review Oz, I never heard of the rain coat portion of the thunder shirt. We sell the thunder shirts at the clinic I will have to go to work now and ask them why we don't have the thunder coat.

  24. OMD! Oz, you have the exact same camo Thundershirt as we just got in the mail today for Koda!!! Lookin good pal!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  25. I LOVE my Thundershirt! I would never have made it through the 4th of July without it. Not to mention, I am less reactive now even if I'm not wearing it. Oh, but I don't go out in the rain. Thanks for spreading the word! Love Dolly

  26. Oz, you TOTALLY rock that Thundershirt and Thundercoat! I have a Thundershirt (the pink polo version, thank you very much) but this year the storms have really started bothering my sister, Morgan, so Mom has been planning to get one for her. She was thinking she might have to get the plain grey for Mo, so we could tell them apart if they had to put them on in a hurry, but now we see there's a variety of fashion colors! Morgan loves red! I am so excited!

    Awesome review!


  27. Hi Oz! I are invitin ya to take part in da "My Writing Process Blog Tour" - ya can check out how to do it at

  28. Hi Oz! I are invitin ya to take part in da "My Writing Process Blog Tour" - ya can check out how to do it at

  29. How great to hear that it really does help. Bailey barks and barks and thunder and fireworks.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

    Pee es
    we had a GREAT time camping!

  30. I've heard really good things about those thundershirts! Hope it works for you.

    Could you maybe send some of that rain my way? It hasn't rained in several weeks here, and we could really use the moisture.

  31. Iz so good to see yoo in da furs and lookin all dapper an wotnot Oz my pal….da shurt look like it be doin da biznizz

  32. Oh my gosh, I love the camo!


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