Thursday, December 13, 2012

No Dogs Allowed?!?

Yep!  You heard me right!  Ma and Daddy-dog went away recently and I was not allowed to go.  Something about international travel and quarantines...blah, blah, blah.

Basically, "No Dogs Allowed" was what I heard.

However, when they uploaded their trip photos - which was to Haiti so they could volunteer to build homes with Habitat for Humanity during the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project - I found this:

Their response: I should know there is always a stray dog that becomes the "site dog".  *sighs*  Replaced by a stray?  (Hmmmm, that is okay since I bet that stray needed some love and attention.)

At least there weren't any new types of anipals that I missed out on meeting, right?!?  Like when they went to Thailand without me and met elephants.


Look who showed up on the construction site in Haiti:

They took flamingos with them?!?

Guess who likes the flamingo?!

Hello?!  I would love to meet a goat!

Goats searching the well pump for some water.  It's hot in Haiti!
Oh, hello Mr. Donkey! (Tent city just beyond the fence)

I guess it was best to stay home though because Ma and Daddy-dog had A LOT of work to do!

Day 2: Dad's house, foreground; Ma's 2 houses in background (sorta)
Ma's houses on last day
I wish it hadn't been a "No Dogs Allowed" trip, if only so I could lend a helping paw like they do (and of course, meet those pawesome new anipals).

Anyway, I want to share one more photo with you because it is so cool!  It is an aerial shot of the community Ma and Daddy-dog helped build.  In the center are the 155 homes that were built by last year's volunteers...and at both the top and the bottom are the 100 homes that were built by volunteers this year.

Like I said, pretty cool, right?!


  1. VERY cool Oz...and probably good you stayed home cause someone needs to keep everything in order for when the hoomins get back...Your folks did a great thing here and you should be proud of them

    1. Thanks Gizmo! I am very proud and I am glad I stayed home...though meeting those anipals would have been pawesome! Daddy-dog came home sick, and since I stayed home and was well...I took very good care of him!

  2. Hey Oz, Jet here.

    Dude, on behalf of Casa Jet, may we thank your Ma & Daddy for their extraordinary and selfless efforts in Haiti. Mom's participated in 2 Habitat builds here in the tropics. (she has a thingie for hammering on the roof!)

    I'm sorry you felt left out. Glad you saw the photos and really glad you chose to share them with us. :)

    1. Hi Jet!!

      Thank you for such kind words. Your Ma does Habitat too?!? Is she a "Roof Dawg" like my Ma and Daddy-dog?!? They love putting on the roof! Oh, wouldn't it be cool if they did a build together one day?!?

      I did feel a bit left out...missed them a lot while they were gone. But I got lots of cuddles on their return!!!

  3. Mom's friend is living in Haiti right now and loves all the work people are doing to help. My people have taken some no dogs allowed trips and I don't like being left either, but there's usually good reason. The goats and flamingo do look like they'd make good pals though!

    1. Mister:

      Really? Living in Haiti? Ma and Daddy-dog were just outside of Port-au-Prince in Leogane, which was the epicenter of the earthquake. There's lots of good people helping out down there!

      Maybe someday I will meet a goat. *paws crossed*

  4. Sorry you didn't get to go, Oz, but what wonderful pictures they brought back.

    Have a great weekend.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  5. Oh, your peeps ROCK!!! I know it sucks you weren't able to stow-away with them, butts look at whats they're doing?! Pawsome Oz!! You should give em' extra slobbery licks for doin' such a great thing! (Make SURE it's extra slobbery...peeps LOVE that!)
    Oh, Ma is SO excited that there were FLAMINGOS!!! OMD! They have been invading my yardie!! Nice to see I'm not the only one...


    1. Oh Rubie, you have flamingos in your YARD??? OMD!

      I gave them lots of cuddles when they got home AND they let me sleep in the big bed (Ma missed me THAT much - BOL)!


  6. So you got to stay home all by yourself and party....that rocks, my friend!


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