Monday, August 27, 2012

Weathering Tropical Storm Isaac

First, check out this really cool photo of Tropical Storm Isaac moving into Palm Beach County, Florida yesterday!

Tropical Storm Isaac courtesy of WPBF U-Local Album
I don't know who took it.  It appears on WPBF's website as part of the U-Local photo album of the storm.  (WPBF U-Local allows residents to capture photos on their smart phones and send them in to the website for inclusion in online photo albums.  Pretty cool!)
Anyway, Tropical Storm Isaac dumped about 12 - 14 inches of rain on us yesterday (and last night) so my neighborhood is a bit flooded today.  Check out the street in front of my  house!  The water has left me little room to walk without getting my paws wet (and you know how I hate to get wet!!!).

You can swim in the street!

There is obviously nowhere for all this rain water to go.  It usually runs off into our neighborhood lake but that is a bit flooded too!

WTD? The water is so close!

The lake water is usually below all the grasses and plants...but not today!  It is only a couple feet from the sidewalk.
Are those fishes swimming up here??
The wind was not so bad yesterday even though the weather people said there could be gusts up to 50+ mph and some areas near me were under a tornado watch.  Only one tree in our neighborhood fell down completely.

Ooops! Fallen tree...
All in all, Tropical Storm Isaac wasn't much of a storm here.  It seems even the orchids in our yard didn't think much of it since one of them bloomed during the storm...see?!?

A beautiful white orchid.  I hope it brings my pals on the Gulf Coast some luck in the next few days - keeping, what will most likely be Hurricane Isaac, to a small Category 1 storm.
My paws are crossed for all on the Gulf Coast as they prepare and evacuate.  Oh!  And a great reminder as you hunker down or evacuate: have photos of your loved ones (even your pets) on your cell phone just in case you get separated.  It can help you in trying to locate each other after the storm!

Stay safe...stay dry.



  1. That's a LOT of water! I am glad you weathered the storm and that only one tree was lost!

    Stay safe!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Thanks, Pip! It IS a LOT of water!! Come on over for a swim!!! BOL

  3. Glad the storm missed you for the most part! That 1st photo is amazing!

    1. It is amazing! I wish I knew who took the photo so I could give them credit...their name wasn't even listed on the other website.

  4. Oh my! That is scary! I am happy you are okay and hope no one gets hurt by this storm....

    1. Thanks Rem! I hope no one on the Gulf Coast gets hurt. It will be a scary storm when it arrives there.

  5. Wow Oz, I hope you got out your doggie life jacket ~ that's ALOT of water there in your hood! Fingers and paws crossed that Isaac doesn't do much damage. Keep safe my friend!



    1. I have my doggie life jacket all ready to go! There's even more water now after more rain today!

      Thanks Ruby!

  6. Wow, Oz, that is a whole lot of water you got there. We are glad you're okay. We're purring and praying for our friends on the Gulf Coast, too.

    1. BOL! We all gotta pray for the friends on the Gulf Coast! If they get as much rain as we did, they gonna be swimiming to school and work!

  7. Dawgness me Oscar. First I am glad you and your family survived ok. Second I hope everyone in Hurricane Isaac's path stays safe. Third, that's a LOT of water. Makes me shudder at the thought :) and lastly, that,s the most beautiful Orchid I think I have ever seen. Such an interesting blog. :)
    Keep dry my furiend!
    Love AnnieB and Miss M

    1. Thank you Miss Annie. We are just fine and I hope everyone in the path does as well as we did!

      BOL! I shudder too. You know how we both hate the water!!!

      Ah, I was hoping you would like your orchid!!!


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