Thursday, June 9, 2011

Terriers are Tenacious

If you're a're tenacious.

It's the characteristic that makes us chase critters for miles, oblivious to the calls of our owners. It's why we will not let go of a toy no matter how many times we hear "Drop it!" or "Leave it!". It's also why we will dig a hole to China just to get to a critter.

Our tenacity also makes us great beggars. We can stubbornly sit and stare at our owners for the duration of a meal just to get a table scrap. I know I can lay in front of the pantry for hours until someone realizes I am there and gives me a cracker. Terriers know that persistence pays!

My terrier tenacity really paid off this past weekend! I got this toy from Baby Tyler, as seen in my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday.

However, I did not get this toy because I stared endlessly or quietly took up residence in front of it. No, I got this toy with true terrier parking in front of the playpen, staring at it, sniffing the playpen, pawing at the playpen and doing this (for a day and a half!!!!)....

(you may need to turn up the volume on your computer to hear me since Ma tried not to come into the room and "disturb" me...BOL)

So, after a day and a half of listening to me tell everyone in the house I wanted that toy, Baby Tyler finally gave it to me. *score 1 for Oz*

I think it was well worth it!



  1. Great score!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. When I was looking through articles to list on the blog yesterday I came across onr that linked to this freekibble 3 years ago an 11 year old girl started it and has delivered 40,000 pounds of food to shelters. Just go to the site and answer a trivia question and her sponsors donate to her. I don't have too amny followers yet but if yours would take a look I think yhey will like it. Thank You

  3. Way to go Oz! I only have "3 second memory" when I want. Otherwise, I'm like you. I will get what I want - eventually.

  4. You are so clever Oz. I am gonna try dat the next time a meal is served. usually I just lie down and look asleep but I fink some noises might elp...

  5. Impressive. Mom would never let us keep a human toy.

  6. way to go oz, getting objects that don't belong to you makes the toy even better. i will listen to mom's leave it or drop it all the time with a treat, and half of the time without a treat.
    yuki :)


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