Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Pet Store Swag

As I mentioned earlier today, I have been without crackers (biscuits, as some of my pals say) and treats for THREE...count them - not 1, not 2...but 3 whole days!  *faints from starvation

I have been persistently nudging Ma to get off her a** and go to the pet store to restock the pantry for the same amount of time.  It was exhausting, but this afternoon I finally got her up and out!!!  I think she was feeling really guilty (as she should) so I got a LOT of swag!  Check it out.

*sniff, sniff* Bag # 1 has nice aromas!

Hmmm, better check bag # 2...

Ah-ha! Here are my favorite crackers and...oh, what's this?
It seems I got three bags of my favorite crackers - each bag has a different flavor (Banana Yogurt, Whitefish and Pumpkin/Cinnamon) - as well as two bags of salmon bites (yum!) and a couple cans of Salmon & Sweet Potato canned food!

Me and my swag!

That's A LOT of treats and crackers, don't you think?  Ma's guilt must have gotten the best of her because she never comes home with this much!  And...just when I thought I couldn't get any more treats, I found a bully twist!!!  Woof-hoo!  *zoomies around the house*

Ma was getting me a cracker and when she turned to give one to me, I was already gone!  I had a bully twist and I knew I immediately needed to bury it!  I guess I didn't do a very good job because it seems found more than just me on her couch....

No, that's not a bully twist on your couch!
Oops!  Thankfully, Ma didn't put her dirty human paws on my bully twist!  It is still buried between the back of the couch and the pillow.  BOL

I win!

Oh, and Ma did donate at the register to PetSmart Charities when buying my treats today so hopefully some dogs and cats affected by the tornadoes recently will be able to get some food and treats too!


  1. Well done Oz, what style! Yes, us Terriers know how to be crafty don't we?! That's some great supplies you have there! Dex & Lou x

  2. Almost like hurricane supplies! Maybe that's what Ma was thinking since hurricane season starts June 1...only couple more days until then!

  3. Wow... you hit the jackpot today. That's a lot of stuff... Congrats.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. woooo! Made out like a bandit there Oz!!


  5. Dude, that is some serious swag! :)

  6. THAT many days without cookies should mean some squeaky toys, too! Send her back to PetSmart to get you TOOOOYS!!!

  7. You have some yummy treats there...but then again, since you had to wait three whole days for some, you certainly deserve them all!

  8. Hmmmm.....can I get mum's number? We've been out of chews sonce the weekend! Arrrrghhhh


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