Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gator Bites

In Florida, we have a lot of 'gators.  We have 'gators in our lakes, like this one:

And, we have Gators that play sports, like at the University of Florida:
University of Florida Gator
We have several kinds of 'gator bites as well.  Some folks love 'gator bites and they say they "taste just like chicken", but they don't; they taste like 'gator!

Gator Bites courtesy of Food Network
Then of course, there are the real bites from 'gators. Those aren't so tasty, unless you are the alligator! It's why pets and people need to be careful when they are swimming, wading or even walking alongside water, like a lake or canal.

Here in Florida, we have people who work as wildlife trappers and they go around saving the rest of us from nuisance 'gators that come out of the waters and into our yards (and streets and sometimes homes)! The other day in Gainesville (home of the UF Gators, by the way) a real alligator was wandering around so people called the police. Once "on the scene", the police called a licensed trapper to relocate the alligator.

Well, I think the alligator was not thrilled to hear that he was to be relocated so he tried to show the police who's boss! See for yourself:

Now that's a 'gator bite!



  1. I don't have any of those in my Zone 3! I don't know if I would like those....scary....

  2. Hey isn't the world small now! We saw that gator clip at the end of our 6:00pm news service this evening...in little ol' Adelaide, Australia!!

    Glad you liked my B'day pawty pics Oz! We did have a blast!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  3. Dat duz luk scaree Oz, glad we dont ave gaters ere.

  4. Well, you're not going to argue with him are you?! That first picture looks like he's having a good smirk before trying to bite your tail off! Rather you than us with those as neighbours, our human would never go out! Dex & Lou x

  5. So glad we only have squirrels in our back yards.

    -Bailey & Katy

  6. Well, pals...we can't be scared to go out because of gators or we'd never leave the house. We just gotta be careful...since they will even bite police cars! BOL


  7. AnonymousMay 05, 2011

    I"ve never had gator meat myself. Wouldn't know how to prepare it properly! But I've seen frozen chunks of it at the grocery store, and have wondered where it comes from, and if my dogs would like it...

  8. AnonymousMay 08, 2011

    JG iz catching up on all the bloggie posts she missed & can't believe she found this one today, the same day she learned you lives here in Florida same as us

    My grandad is in Boynton Beach & we go there to visit...JG says she used to train her OTRB dog, Bruno, out near you with the Tailwagger Training club...Did you ever go to school with them?

    I sees da gators all da time but I stays far away coz dere teefs is so much bigger than mine.

    *snoogles to you* Oscar


  9. Yikes! We're always very cautious about gators when we visit Florida. Here in Virginia, I can swim anywhere and not have to worry about gators. Momma says the rules are different in Florida - in Florida, I can only swim in the ocean.

    your pal,


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