Thursday, April 21, 2011

Silly Conversations

I was talking with some friends the other day...we were picking on each other (in fun, of course) when the conversation took a silly turn. Has that ever happened to you and your friends? It actually was quite fun being silly...we all started using animal idioms and expressions and we tried to see who could come up with the best ones!

Oh, the whole conversation gave us all a good belly laugh and everyone needs a good belly laugh every once in a while! So I thought I would share some of it with you.

Conversation Background: Benson, Maisy and I pick on each other relentlessly, all in jest of course. During this conversation, Maisy was being a braggart...*looks around nervously for Maisy*...(whispers) and if you know MaisyDoodle, you know she thinks Doodles are the smartest dogs ever and that the rest of us just 'fall into place' beneath her. Whatever!!! (On a side note, she is also addicted to pig's ears and thus we have been teasing her about a secret shipment heading to the UK!)


Maisy: I am a Doodle and I am the dog's doodahs!

Benson: You can't be the dog's doodahs if you don't have doodahs. You are a girl, you know.

Oz: Maybe Maisy meant she is the bees knees

Maisy: I haven't heard that for donkey's years

Oz: I think Maisy is probably just a monkey's uncle

Benson: Yeah, even though she thinks she is the cat's meow. She is really all hat and no cattle.

Maisy: Just wait until the Ninja Doodles steal your 'secret' shipment of pig's ears. Then you won't be teasing me anymore.

Oz: Oh, horse feathers! We'll still pick on you because you will never find the shipment!

Maisy: We Doodles will ferret out your shipment and steal it right out from under your noses!

Benson: You will find it when pigs fly. Oz has out foxed even you, Maisy!

Oz: The 'secret' shipment is making Maisy as crazy as a June bug. LOL

Maisy: You both will be crying crocodile tears when I find and eat the entire shipment!

Benson: On that ridiculous note, I am going to duck out. Talk to you later.

Can you think of any more animal idioms and expressions?!? Join the conversation and leave a silly comment!



  1. Ha, I can't think of any, but you guys had a great time it sounds like.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. I think you will all end up in the "dog house" cause your all "barking up the wrong tree". Im sure Maisy will "go ape" and be like a "bear with a sore head" if her pig ears dont turn up and you and Benson will be running "like a bat out of hell" to get away ;-)

  3. "Holy cow!" I'm so impressed that I'm "going ape" over your idiom conversation! And Khumbu, that was just "the bees knees!" You guys are all so clever, and while others may be "all bark and not bite," by just putting on a "dog and pony show," you guys never "cry wolf" and sure are "more fun than a barrel of monkeys," and that's right "from the horse's mouth!"

  4. *no* bite...typed too fast (this was fun!)

  5. BOL Khumbu and Five Sibes Mom! Good job! I hope you both had a good belly laugh from 'talkin in animal idioms'. It's quite silly!



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