Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Blog Announcement

On Twitter, we dogs (and cats) talk a lot about food - especially bacon, cheese, tuna and sausage - and recently, I emailed several friends with one of Ma's 'secret' family recipes.  *looks about nervously

Less than a week after emailing that recipe, my good friend @kelsoterrier reported that his humans were busily cooking said recipe and he was anxiously waiting for some to 'accidentally' drop to the floor!  Well, I couldn't believe it and I was nervous (on the inside) to hear if Kelso and his humans actually liked it.  They did! *zoomies in a circle*  On Twitter, I think they said something like this:

"Your Ma is culinary genius..." (BOL)

I wish that were actually true, but Ma's no culinary genius...however I do enjoy getting little tastes of Ma's cooking.  She is a fine cook.

Since several other friends started making requests for the 'secret' recipe, I decided it would be best to start a new blog where I can post Ma's recipes (with her permission, of course - >wink, wink<), as well as the 'secret' family recipes of my friends!  What better way to share a little more about ourselves than through our food?!?

So, if you are interested in trying new recipes...and/or sharing some of your own 'secret' family recipes...than please run over to my new blog - Taste Tested by the Dog - for some foodie fun!  I'll be looking forward to seeing you there!



  1. Make her cook with tuna!! Make her cook with TUNA!!!

  2. Woooo Oz thats is just the bestest idea ever. Im off over there now, high paws pal :)

  3. Rumblepurr, you are hilarious but don't you know...I will MAKE her cook with tuna for both of us!

    Khumbu, glad you like the idea! Hope to see you over at the new blog sharing recipes! *licks chops*


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