Monday, March 14, 2011

Support PetFinder's Adopt the Internet Day

As promised, for PetFinder's Adopt the Internet Day I have written an original 'Oscar de Wilde' poem. There were three entries to my 'The Poet Doesn't Know It (All) Contest' - where anyone could submit 'lines' about pet adoption for the poem: the winner's 'lines' would be included in the poem and the winner would get co-authorship.

However, I started thinking about how every pet that has been adopted is a winner...and so I decided that it was only fair that all three entries should be winners of the contest as well! (Read on and you will see why I thought they were all winners.  I hope they don't mind sharing!) And now....the poem...

One Journey Home

You, lonely beast at the side of the road
     Wandering - sad and neglected
Oh, I wonder how many miles have you strode
     Chased, tormented, misdirected
In dire need of a helping hand
     You search with great persistence
For someone to release you from this strand
     Show compassion, lend assistance

Fear! it stops you in your tracks
     You cower from aid's embrace
A stroke, so tender - taken aback
     Lifted from this desperate place
Brought in from weather, rain and cold
     Grateful for the hope and care
Shelter, locked inside a desperate hold
     The ghosts of others no longer there

Ethereal whispers, "Don't worry friend,
     This does not have to be the end
You can find love, be set free
     Just a little luck like these dogs three":

     Marley -
     I used to be alone
     Without no proper home
     But then you came along, sweet person
     And gave me bed and bone

     Millie -
     When I was a little pup
     my_owner came and picked me up
     Ever since, we've lived together
     and I will love her now, forever

     Trixie -
     My life used to be such a sad one.
     I was so hungry, cold and alone.
     You changed all that when you gave me your love.
     Thank you for bringing me home.

You, loving dog at the door of the cage
     Waiting for one to be affected
Oh, how many had stopped and gazed
     Before you were selected
At long last to depart this gloom
     Adopted by a love you can call your own
Your happy ending leaves a vacant room
     Another soul to find a forever home.

--by Oz the Terrier, Marley Terrier, Millie Dog and Trixie

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  1. Great poem! Happy Adopt the Internet Day! Mom's helping me with mine to have up tomorrow.

  2. Such a lovely poem! You and the three winners are very talented poets indeed. It's lovely that you put your art to use for a good cause.

  3. What an amazing piece of poetry. Perfect for Adopt the Internet Day! Now excuse me while I go cuddle my puppy.

  4. Beautiful poems. Yes, they all fit in together so well. Lovely job and so perfect Adopt the Internet. Actually they are perfect for every day until more dears one find their forever homes.


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