Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Dog and A Ball

For my good pal, @Rebus_Scottie:

There is a dog, Rebus the Scot
who plays with his balls a lot.
As soon as they're tossed,
they tend to get lost,
so new ones appear in their spot.



  1. Lily says that is the perfect poem for her! She is ALWAYS losing her balls, and then Mama gets her new ones... but then the old ones reappear. Right now Lily says she has THREE tennis balls out... a pink one, a green one, and one with all the fuzz chewed off!

  2. Oooh ha ha, you is the peeple's poet Oz my pal

  3. Lily should meet up with Rebus, since all he has been tweeting about lately are the balls he keeps losing! His poor Ma has to keep buying new ones...she may go broke from all the blaa-buying. BOL

    Glad you liked it Marley! If only we could keep Rebus from losing his balls. BOL

  4. Where does Rebus live? I'm brilliant at finding balls - I'll get them back for him!

    It is magic how balls just appear though isn't it? I don't lose mine but they might accidentally fall into my teeth & break!

  5. BOL Millie! Lotsa toys just "fall in your mouth and break"!!!

    I think Rebus lives in UK...if you live there, you can help him find his balls! BOL


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