Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Terrier-ific Christmas

Were you good this year?  I think I was because Santa Paws did leave me gifts under the Christmas tree and in my stocking!

I woke up early on Christmas Day and immediately went to the tree to see if Santa Paws left anything under there for me.  It was quite crowded under the tree; there was lots of presents under there but I did my best to sniff out any gifts with my name on them.

I did sniff out two gifts that had my name on them and I dragged them out from under the Christmas tree.

And I started opening one of them up (this one had the aroma of something delicious).

Ma and Daddy-Dog started coming closer to see what I was opening.  I thought maybe they smelled the delicious aroma and wanted my gift for themselves so I grabbed up my gift and ran!  I then gave it my best terrier tear-up to get it open.  

Then, I remembered my stocking!  I took it to 'safety' to see what was inside!

In all, Santa Paws left me two gifts under the tree - the sweet potato flavored rawhide bone (shaped like a candy cane) and a penguin - as well as two gifts in my stocking, a chipmunk and a pig's ear!  Here I am with all my gifts!

Meanwhile, on Christmas morning Ma was cooking up one of my (and Daddy-Dog's) favorite breakfasts: pigs (breakfast sausage) in blankets (crescent rolls).  They were delicious!

Once we cleaned up the house (yes, I did leave bits of wrapping paper everywhere!), we packed up the car and went over to Grandma's house for Christmas dinner.  We brought everyone gifts, including my Uncle Bailey, the Bichon Frise.  Uncle Bailey loves bags - Christmas bags, garbage bags, shopping bags - so I put his gift in a Christmas bag.  He dove right in there to get his gift!

I must say that my Christmas was terrier-ific this year!  I hope it was the same for all my furry friends all over the world.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   


  1. Your Christmas did look terrier-iric for sure. I like that big candy cane...

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Oh, Oz, you lucky boy. Wot a great bone and very sensible to keep on the move so the humans could not steal it

  3. Thanx Max! The candy cane bone was my favorite prezzie! I think Santa stopped by my house first, before he got into the eggnog at your house! BOL

    Marley: A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do. The humans were getting way too close to my bone!

    I hope you both had a great Christmas!

  4. Hey Oz you open your Christmas parcels just the same way I open mine!! Paw to hold it still and then rip at all the paper... kind of a messy way to do it, but it keeps the humans busy picking up all the little bits of paper afterwards!! That candy cane sure does look nommy!!

  5. Teagan: We dogs are so smart! Ya cant open a present without putting a paw on it to stop the darn thing from running away. BOL I left a huge mess of ripped paper everywhere...the humans are still finding pieces of it all over the house.

  6. Oh ya had a luffly time! Wowzers. You are an eggspert present unwrapper and more wowzers for ya Candy Cane Bone! Hee hee. You sure were looking after your pawsents carefully! I is interested to see ya pigs in blankets. They look really nommy. You has nommy croissant around dem. We duz bit different coz we wraps da sossidges in bacon. Funnie thing is... I got a chipmunk in my stocking too! I think Santa Paws knows what we doggies like! BOL! Thank you for sharing your luffly Xmas. Love your furiend, AnnieB

  7. Ah Oz, how lovely! I did get all barkie when I was watching yoos open your bone! I finks it looks very nommy! If yoos decide yoos need any help...........

    Merry Christmas to yoos too and hopes yoos have a wonderful start to the new year. Missy x

  8. Annie: BOL! Iz glad Maisie wasn't around or she would have eaten all my pigs-in-blankets! Ma likes them with croissants - she says they are heavy blankets.

    Missy_Moo: The bone is very nommy. If I need help eating, I will definitely let you know. I am pretty sure it is big enough for two terriers!

    Thanks, gurls, for visiting. Hope you have a very Happy New Year too!
    xxx Oz

  9. Oh you had some lovely presents.I open my presents like you do!

    It's really nice to see the moving picture of you too.

    I have been playing with my kong frizbee in the park today. I'm sure Santa wouldn't have brought it if you hadn't put a word in for me!

  10. Millie: I think we all open our presents the same! We get so excited for Christmas and then tear open those gifts with a vengeance! I hope you haven't destroyed your Kong frisbee yet...I know how you are! BOL You got your frisbee because you were a good girl, not because I told Santa Paws (tho that might've helped)!
    xxx Oz

  11. Now we iz able to comment on your 'mazing blog! Woof hoo!!

  12. Is that youz, Milo and Rossi?!? Thanx goodness youz warned me that Ma put her name in account. BOL! Iz so happy you're here!

  13. You must have been very good...those are some yummy looking presents!


  14. Thanx, Pat! I tried my best to be good all year. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


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