Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun Florida Keys: Anne's Beach

I'm back from my long weekend and I am exhausted!

We headed out on Friday morning for the 2+ hour drive down to Islamorada. I was so excited about this trip that I didn’t even sleep in the car on the way, even though I was all snug and comfortable in my crate. When we arrived, it was a whirlwind of unpacking the car, going for a small walk and then deciding on which fun activity we wanted to do first.

Our first adventure took us to the dog-friendly Anne’s Beach which is in the Village of Islamorada but is (technically) located on Lower Matecumbe Key at mile marker 73 on Overseas Highway. (For those not familiar with the Florida Keys, the Overseas Highway is the only road in or out of the Keys and the only way to tell where you are along this highway is by the mile markers! BOL)

Anne’s Beach was named after a local environmentalist, Anne Eaton and this plaque stands at the entrance to the beach.  It says “To commemorate our recognition of Anne Eaton, who lived on this island for many years and dedicated herself to maintaining the beauty and serenity of these Keys.”  And this section of beach is beautiful!

View of ocean from Anne's Beach
The water is very shallow at this beach and the sandbar extends out really far into the ocean, so even though I do not like to swim…I gave wading around in the water a try.

Wading in for the first time...
I did start to get used to walking around in the water and even got excited when mom found several hermit crabs wandering around on the ocean floor.  There were fishes swimming around too however some were pretty small and not worth the chase.  

I managed to walk out pretty far into the water but then I realized how far away the beach was and I ran back to safety!

Pretty far from the beach with Dad...
I enjoyed this visit to the beach so much that on Saturday afternoon, we visited Anne’s Beach again! I loved this beach!

Anne’s Beach
Mile marker 73, Overseas Highway, Lower Matecumbe Key, Oceanside
Oz’s Dog-Friendly Rating: 4 out of 4 dog bones


  1. That sounds pawsome my chum. I fink I would like chasin crabs and fish, but I dont like swimmin much

  2. I dont like swimmin either, but the chasin of crabs and fish is quite fun! I did try to sniff them, but always got a nose full of water! BOL

  3. Wot a bootiful beech Oz. I wood luff it there cos I duz luff swimmin. Yoo guys dont no wot you izx missin out on!

  4. I like wading; that was fun. If you luv swimmin, then you would luv chasing the fishes and crabs, Hamish! Ya just have to watch out for the big birds - turkey vultures and pelicans! BOL

  5. That beach is gorgeous! Charlie would have shown you how to have a good time in water - maybe even how to fish! Though Emma'd be unsure 'bout the whole thing, right with you!

  6. Oscar! Ya went pawddling up to ya waist! Dat's very very brave! BOL! We do love the photos. What a fantastically beautiful place Anne's Beach is. True Beauty and Serenity. What a luffy weekend! Thank you for sharing. Love AnnieB

  7. Oh warmth & sunshine I remember those things! I'm reading your blog in the cold, windy & wet UK! The beach looks gorgeous


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