Friday, September 17, 2010

A Toot Salute

For Farley @farthewestie and all other furiends who like to *toot*

My friend Farley, the tootin’ machine
has killer farts without eatin beans.
He says everything can turn to gas
and from his tush it all shall pass.
Looking innocent and passing blame,
it’s all a part of Farley’s game.
So pick a toot that you do well
and ensure it has a unique smell.
Those are Farley’s tricks of the trade;
toot all you want, don’t be afraid!


  1. Farley is so proud! He's all misty-eyed! Thanks Oz!!

  2. You so welcome, Farley! You are such an inspiration!!

  3. As usual my furiend, you are an inspiration to us all in making us BOLAL! You funnie and actually very very clever doggie with these poems! Thank you. Westie Smile. Your furiend AnnieB X

  4. Aw, Miss're too kind! I just like to make everyfur smile! It's fun and Farley really was such an inspiration today. BOL!

  5. BOL I just love your funny things.. not that I would toot of course, because I is a girlie!


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