Monday, September 13, 2010

Between the Raindrops

In typical Florida fashion, you just never know when or where a good downpour will show up so you always need to be ready to run between the raindrops!

This weekend was no exception and it all started when my owners decided to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity on Friday instead of their usual Saturday. The routine for me is the same – up extra early, big walk, then back into the bedroom with some breakfast to nap and wait for grandma to come and take me for another walk. According to my owners, their day started out like most Habitat days – outside in the 90+ heat (at 7:00 am), finding out what volunteer groups they will lead in their assigned construction tasks.

Then the torrential rains began. Thankfully, Mom was leading wall furring and ceiling strip, which are both inside tasks, so she had some cover from the huge raindrops.

Volunteer putting up ceiling strip
Unfortunately, Dad was not so lucky since he was leading trussing and there was nowhere to run for cover!

Dad is 2nd from door of house, carrying truss in the rain!
Needless to say, they came home both exhausted and soaking wet since the 100+ volunteers from Home Depot insisted they keep working!

When we woke up on Saturday, the sun was shining once again and we headed out on a lunch hunt (we went out to eat for lunch)! We ended up at a restaurant along the Intracoastal Waterway where we ate fish sandwiches, drank a beer (OK, water for me) and watched boats pull in and out of the canal.

As we were leaving, we walked along the pier and then I saw some anipals that I have never seen before…manatees…also known as “sea cows”. They were just slowly swimming along in the canal, eating up whatever sea grass they could find.

Of course, I wanted to bark my “hellos” but I wasn’t really allowed. Manatees are endangered and here in Florida have several protections including no touching, no feeding, no swimming with and no harassment (which I found out, barking at them can be harassing – BOL). Anyway, manatees are really sweet anipals…if you want to know more about them, you can visit the Save the Manatee Club.

On the way back to the car, it once again started raining cats and dogs so we ran between the raindrops, jumped in the car and decided to head home. It rained like that off and on for the rest of Saturday and right into Sunday.

I hope it doesn’t rain again today; I have had enough running between the raindrops.


  1. Oh! What a brilliant blog again! We all so interested here to see ya (poor) Mum and Dad running between the raindrops. What a really admirable thing for them to do on their weekends! And you get to have extra Peace and Quiet (P & Q) and a walk with Grandma too! And then ya got to go out to eat and WOW those Manatees so close in. Ya! I guess 'Barking' could be construed as 'Harrasment' BOL! (Oppss.... sorry!) Thank you for sharing my furiend. Love your furiend AnnieB X

  2. That weather sounds like what we have in Illinois! Mom says if you don't like the weather here, just wait a couple of'll change. BOL!

    I hope today is sunny for you!

  3. Thanx, Buttons! It has stayed nice and sunny today...thank doggness! BOL


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