Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home Grown Treats

The other day I had the most delicious pineapple for a treat!  The owners have been growing several in the backyard and finally one was ripe! 

I know it probably seems strange to grow pineapples in your backyard, but here in Florida we can do such things.  The owners started by planting the tops from store bought pineapples; you know, those green pointy things.  That part grows pretty quick and the plant gets very big, then all of a sudden (more like 8 months) you get the start of an actual pineapple.  See?  It's the pink thing.

Then more months have to go by before the pineapple starts looking like a real pineapple!  I don't know how the humans at Dole have the patience to grow so many since it seems to take forever to grow just one!

Once it started to fall out of the plant, the owners brought it inside for a few days of extra ripening.  It sat on the countertop and tempted me day in and day out!

Finally, the owners cut it up and I knew it was treat eating time!  I gave them one of my pathetic looks to ensure that I would get some! 

It worked!  The pineapple was juicy and sweet.  Deeeelishus!  If you live where there is plenty of sunshine all year long, you can try to grow one too! Home grown treats are the best!!


  1. Aw! That's amazing that you live sumwhere you can grow pineapples! I showed dis to Ma. She really enjoyed seeing it's progress! I hope ya had a big 'celebration' ovea 'eating it! Do you like it Oscar? I neva tried pinapple before :-)

  2. I do luv the pineapple. It is sweet and juicy! You would like it, Miss Annie! I just know it! I do think it makes our poops smells funny, tho! BOL

    We can grow some interesting things and then some things we cant grow at all, especially in summer. Its too hot!


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