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Reactive is a term used to describe dogs that overreact to certain stimuli like other dogs, bicycles, people, kids, motorcycles, etc.  Sometimes the reactivity is a tendency of a specific breed and other times it could be due to lack of socialization or a traumatic experience.  The dog's over-reaction is usually in the form of barking, lunging, pulling and/or even snarling which tends to scare people and other dogs.  If this sounds like your dog then consider joining WOOF.

WOOF, Working Out Our Fears, is an online group for reactive dogs and their owners to seek support from others who are dealing with similar experiences. 

The F in WOOF:
  • the Fear that certain stimuli causes in your dog;
  • the Fear to walk your dog around certain stimuli;
  • the Fear to admit your dog is reactive;
  • the Fear that others will think you are a bad dog owner;
  • the Fear that others will think your dog is uncontrollable or mean;
  • the Fear that your dog may never overcome its reactivity.

As a Member of WOOF, you can be a part of a supportive group of dog owners.  Through blogs and social media, Members can share their personal experiences, educational articles, training tips & tools, books and videos as well as provide support and encouragement to each other.

Currently, WOOF has a monthly Blog Hop as well as a Facebook Group.

If you are an owner of a reactive dog and you are on Facebook, we would love to have you join our WOOF Support group page

If you own a blog, you can also participate in our WOOF Blog Hop.  Your blog post must be related to reactivity and/or fear in dogs to join the hop.  Blog Hop Co-Hosts:  Oz the Terrier, Roxy the Traveling Dog and Wag 'n Woof Pets.

Debora Hogan, Dog Trainer & Owner/Operator of Spotless Dog Wash

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Oz the Terrier

Oz the Terrier

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