Inspire a Limerick

Though the Limerick Poem is derived from the Irish town of Limerick, this poetic form can be traced back to  fourteenth century England where the form was used in nursery rhymes.  Often repeated in the British pubs, dirty versions of these poems were created by the "drunkards" giving Limericks a 'bad rap' and thus the form's dismissal as true poetry.

However, both Shakespeare and Edward Lear wrote Limericks.  If Limericks were good enough for them, then they surely are good enough for me.  Besides, they are fun to write and to read!

How Can You Inspire a Limerick?
It's easy really.  Just EMAIL ME the following information and I will happily write a Limerick inspired by YOU.

Your Name
Your Breed or Species
City/State and/or Country of Residence
Some funny or silly facts about YOU

You will receive an email to let you know when your Limerick will be posted on my blog.  Your Limerick will also be featured in the list of all my poems on My Poems page.

Once your Limerick is posted, you can add the "I Inspired a Limerick" Badge (found on my sidebar) to your blog so you can share your Limerick with your friends.