Blogville Tours

Welcome one and Welcome all!  As Director or Transportation, I am here to help you navigate all the events and parties Blogville has to offer via Blog Hop.

Current events will be listed with the blog hop Linky for you to join and add to your blog post.  
Don't know how to join a Blog Hop?  Don't know how to add the Blog Hop to your post?  No problem.  
I have got you covered.

Sample Hop
(For the actual hop Linkies, please scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Add Your Post to the Hop
See where the #1 arrow says "You are next...Click here to enter".  Click it and it will take you to the Linky site.  There you will follow the instructions and add your information to the form.  Information you will need to add:  1) link to your blog post (it's better than just your blog url); 2) caption or title (your blog name); 3) your email address and your name. 

Then, 4) you get to select a photo to go with your entry.  You have option to crop it or have Linky crop it for you.  You can also select "From the Web" (this will pull photos from your blog post), "from File" or use "Generic".  That will take you to the photo page, where you can crop your photo and then Swoosh!  You are in the hop!

Add Blog Hop into your Post
See the #2 says "Get the code here...:.  Click it and it will take you to the Linky Hop Code page.  The first boxed code is for any blog on Blogger, a self-hosted Wordpress or other platform.  The second box is for Free Wordpress as those blogs are a little different.

Now you just highlight the code and right-click and copy.  Then, head to your blog dashboard and open your blog post so you can edit it.  Go to the HTML section in your blog post (in Blogger it is in the top-left corner of your post editor).  Scroll down to the very end of all the computer gobbly-gook and then right-click and paste the code in.  Hit "Publish" or "Update"...whatever...and Swoosh!  The code is in your post.

Please Note:  If you preview your blog post before publishing, know that even if you put the Linky Code into your post, it will NOT show up in the preview.  Don't is a <script> and needs to be published to be seen.

If you read these instructions but still need further assistance, please contact my office at info at oztheterrier dot com (or CLICK HERE).

Currently, there is 1 hop in Blogville.

1. Fighting for Flea - March 6 - 12, 2016
Hosts: Barking from the Bayou & Oz the Terrier